Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29th, 2014

Hello everyone!                                                                                                September 29th, 2014

This week has gone good as usual except for a few things. We had lots of appointments cancel on is this week so we only ended up teaching like six lessons the whole week! We got our truck back and took the other one up to West Seneca so they could have it and now our truck is making lots of weird noises, so it's not fixed yet. We are probably going to take it back in today so we might be walking for a while!

We did lots of service this week splitting and stacking wood for people. This one tree we cut down at the bakers was 3 1/2 feet across!! It took forever to cut all of that tree up! We went to a place last p-day called Beaver Meadows, which is just a place to hike around through the hills. We did that for a few hours! It was cold and raining a little bit so the Freedom Elders and us were the only ones there. Elder
Richins, our district leader was transferred this Tuesday to Greece, which is up by Rochester and Elder Passey came down here. Elder Vickers and I are still in Springville though; I have a feeling I might be here for a long time!

Saturday we were at the church setting up for the General Relief Society thing and a car hit the telephone pole in front of the church and it pulled down three other poles all onto the road so we were trapped at the church since there is only one way out of the parking lot!. Nobody was hurt but it was taking forever for them to get it cleared out and we were already stuck at the church for four hours so we decided to just go across the yard and through a field, and through a ditch so we could get out!

Sunday we still didn’t have power so we only had sacrament in the dark! It was good though! We moved a new lady with two little girls into the ward and she came to church. The Freedom Elders had an investigator come and the Miess' who live by us brought some friends that aren't members. We talked with them. They seemed very interested!! We tried visiting a lot of less actives this week and we got shut down every time except for one. They all said they didn't have time to talk. Jon and Pinky let us in though. They have an awesome house! Their lawn is like a golf course!! They live in top of a hill back in the woods liking over valleys full of trees! I'll have to send you a picture sometime!

So, even with all of this service and stuff my companion and I are still getting fat, so we decided that we are going to work out a ton so we can get in shape! So, on Friday we found this P 90X dvd in our apartment so we did that in the morning. Then we kind of made a competition thing where we both have to do the same amount of push-ups a day. So when he's not looking I'll do 40 push-ups and write it down
on this chart we made. Then I'll go to the bathroom and he'll do 50, etc.... So by the end of the day on Friday we each did 350 push-ups and today we are already at 425! My arms and chest hurt so bad!! but I guess that's a good thing.

Today we went to this cool bridge that goes over the Cattaraugus River and played around there because there's nothing really to do on p-day. Also I cut my own hair today and surprisingly it doesn't look too bad!!

I love you guys and can't wait to hear from you!

Love Elder Daugs

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  1. He looks really good. He and his companion look like they could be brothers. I'm grateful he is willing to do so much service for othersetting fat . If he'sgetting fat I don't
    know wear he is hiding it I just noticed his companion has toe shoes like Tanner wore all the time. Tanner said they are really comfortable.Grandpa & I sure love you Addison & thankful you are in the service of our Lord. Keep safe and God bless you and your companion, Grandma Iris.