Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December 28th, 2015

Hey guys!

Since I already talked to you a couple of days ago this one will be a little shorter. We had a couple of lessons with some of our investigators and they went good but for the most part a lot of the people were out of town or didn't want to meet. We had the mission wide Christmas party in Pittsford on Christmas Eve and that was great!

We got to see all of the other missionaries, had a talent show, had lunch, and got to play basketball with a bunch of missionaries and President Francis' sons.

Then on Christmas as you know we went to the Larson’s and that's where I skyped you guys, and we watched Inside Out, which was pretty good. It was also fun to be with their kids.

Then on Sunday we had Marissa come to church and a less active! So that was great! Then so far today, we've done the usual p-day stuff, and we just went to lunch with Bro Lonsberry (he's the guy with the radio show) so conversations with him are always fun! Pretty much it!

Love you!

Skyping for Christmas.  (Family was on the Carnival Sunshine)

Second Session later in the evening!

Larson Quads

 His mom bought his pants a bit too big for him.

December 21st, 2015

Hey guys!

So to start this week off, on p-day we went to a park just down the road and we invited our downstairs neighbors to come play Frisbee and basketball. It was a relaxing day and it was good to get to know our neighbors more. They are from Africa so sometimes it's hard to understand them because of their accents, but it was a really nice day and it got up to 69 degrees! In the middle of December! But since then it's finally snowed and gotten pretty cold so back to normal.

Tuesday was transfers so we went up to Pittsford and Elder Holmberg and I got our new companions. They are both pretty good so far. They are newer missionaries, only been out about six months. As far as normal missionary work goes this week we had a lot of appointment cancel on us, even with our normal people. We did have a lesson with Marissa and she came to the ward Christmas party this Saturday and she really enjoyed it and got to know a lot of the members. We have been trying to go around to all of the members in the area and mark down if they are active, less active, if their address even exists, a do not contact, etc... So it’s been a lot of driving and meeting new people from the ward this week.

Saturday, we had the ward Christmas party and it was really good! A lot of the members brought their friends, Marissa came, and it was just really fun. One cool thing was there was a deaf man from the Rochester 3rd ward and Elder Holmberg and I were able to go and sign and have a conversation with him. His wife and also a couple people in the ward know ASL so they were all signing. And he gave me my sign name, which is a name in sign language, which you can only get from someone who is deaf so that's pretty cool.

Sunday, we had a Christmas program and then afterwards we had a munch and mingle with all of the leftover food from the party, then a lot of Sunday was spent cleaning up from the party, and doing all of the dishes. Then that night we went to the senior center, did the usual stuff, visited with some members there, sang Christmas songs and the cop there taught Elder Holmberg and I how to play "I'm yours" on the ukulele.

Next week is Christmas! And my m excited to talk to you guys! I'm going to be at the Larson’s, the family with the quads so it should be super fun!

Have a good week! I'm sure you will ;)!

Love you!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Transfer day~ new companion again!

Hey guys!

So this morning we got transfer calls and Elder Liefson and Lavin are going to Medina and Niagara Falls. So Elder Holmberg and I will be staying and getting Elder Pederson and Russell, so it should be fun!

So this week I went on exchanges with Elder Liefson and we had a lesson with Randy that went really good and he's almost done with the Book of Mormon! We also had a lesson with Brian and he's not progressing too much. That turned more into arguing but we turned it around by the end and read 3 Nephi 11 and he quietly sat in his seat and by the end he said he really liked it. So hopefully this week he will be a little more open.

We did a lot of the usual stuff but a lot of the students are busy since it’s finals week. We had dinner at the Moons again and there were a lot of the recent converts there for dinner too so it was good to fellowship with them.

Then on Sunday we went to the senior center again and we were able to teach the cop there that does security and we are really good friends now so hopefully it goes somewhere. He was really interested in the bishop’s storehouse stuff and food storage. Idk how he heard about it but he really likes how we do that stuff as a religion. But my favorite thing from this week was we had dinner with this young family named the Larson’s. They are awesome! The funniest part is; they have quads! So, they have four little three year olds who are the cutest kids ever! So I got to play with them after dinner. I will try and get pictures next time and we might go there for Christmas.

Have a good week!

Love you!

I can't believe I Forgot! A member of the seventy came to the mission and we were able to have like a five-hour meeting with him and learn from him and it was sooo awesome. I learned so much and it’s always a blessing to have people like him come. His name is Elder Sweitzer? He and his wife are the ones without name-tags in the pictures.

Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015

Hello everybody!

This week was pretty good as usual. Last p-day we went to Letchworth before it starts to get cold and we can actually enjoy it. I think I got all of the pictures to you last week mom.

Tuesday, we were able to meet with Randy and he is doing really good. He is reading from the Book of Mormon and he said he believes it to be true. He sees how helps us with everything. He thinks a lot about the end times and all of the things are going on in the world and he sees how the Book of Mormon is meant to help us prepare for those situations. The only problem is, he lost his drivers license but he applied to get it back so hopefully that works out.

Wednesday, we saw Brian and read the Book of Mormon with him. Then that night we had dinner at the Moons. Thursday I was on exchanges with elder Holmberg. I stayed in Geneseo because we live in the same apartment but just switched companions. It was way fun! I think Elder Holmberg might be my best friend on the mission so far, so I am glad I get to be at least in the same apartment. So, we went to the food pantry in the morning, then we had district meeting, and then that night we went to a club meeting on campus for ASL and we were able to talk to lots of people there!  ASL- American Sign Language and Elder Holmberg knows it. He's an ASL missionary and I've picked up a lot of it too. So we will be going to that every week now. I’m not to good at it yet but I can have conversations in it and if I don't know the sign I can at least spell it out for now. It's cool because all throughout the day we have conversations in sign language.

Then, late that night we had a lesson with a girl named Marissa (who neither of us had met before) at Wegman’s at the cafe and it went really well!

Friday, we met with Randy again. Saturday we were able to meet with on of our investigators named Rick. He is super awesome and unlike the others who don't have cars or licenses to get to church, he has a 350 z, a BMW, and a brand new Cadillac Escalade. He owns a liquor store but doesn't drink but he's planning on selling it. He is very well off and open which generally don't tend to go together. Also he’s planting a vineyard so that's pretty cool. Yesterday we had ward council, good church meetings, and a meeting with bishop after. With the new stake president we are working with the bishop and a lot is going to change hopefully for the good. We will see! I really like this ward and the members. I would mind staying here for the rest of my mission. The gospel doctrine class is my favorite because one of the biggest talk radio hosts here in New York is a member of the ward and he's a really good teacher! Everyone you talk to the only two Mormons they know are Mitt Romney and Bob Lonsberry. But it's a good way how he does his missionary work by setting an example and talking about his beliefs on air.

Then last night we went to the senior center again in Mt. Morris.

Hope you guys had a good week!

Love you!

Wearing Elder Liefson's glasses 
cuz' it makes me look smart !

Some members we are working with.