Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6th, 2014

Look who else got the Golden Plates!!!

Companionship bowtie pictures in Arcade. 

Bowtie pictures in Arcade (Freedom Branch), after the second session of General Conference yesterday. 

Hello everyone!                                                                               October 6th, 2014

This week has been quite week. We went over to the Miess' for FHE this week and taught them a short lesson after dinner. All of the kids were getting sick and I think they got me sick too so hopefully it doesn't get too bad! Got three referrals from headquarters this week so that part was good except two of the addresses they gave us don't exist!! We've asked people around the neighborhood if they know where they live. Nobody knows them, one address is on Main Street but the number they gave is a hardware store. They never answer their phone so we can't contact them and the other referral said he thinks our religion is fake and he doesn't want to meet with us so those didn't work out too good.

Chuck cancelled on us, and so did Brenda so we only ended up teaching Alan a couple of times and Dennis. It's super hard to find more people to teach out here! The whole village has been tracted by past missionaries recently and that doesn't really work anyways.

People aren't out walking on the street and 90 percent of the members live out of our area so we don't get much help from them either so hopefully we can think of some other way to find people.

We went and helped Chris move out of his apartment and that was a crazy experience! Long story short he left, got drunk, came back and got in a fight with his neighbors then the cops came so that was an eventful night!!

Thursday night we went to Arcade and did this thing where you walk around and go to all of the businesses and they all have booths in front of their stores and have samples and flyers and all that. So, we went there and there were lots of people to talk to. We found some potential investors, but they are all in the Freedom Elders area so we helped them out a little. We did our usual helping at the trading post, nothing too exciting though.

We went to the church to watch general conference and that was awesome!!! I loved general conference! There were only about ten people at the Saturday sessions at the church and about twenty on Sunday. Sunday morning the city had the he whole city's power off for some reason so we had to watch the first session on a laptop until the power came on. Also, it was really cold since there was no heater! We had a potluck at the church between sessions and then more people came to watch the second session because of that. But I think this was my favorite conference I seen so it was a great experience!

Tomorrow is zone conference and we get to watch the meet the Mormons movie before so that will be awesome! It's playing in Buffalo at one theater so hopefully a lot of people go and watch that and get more interested in our religion!

That's cool that you and Sister Owens talked for a little while! She's a really awesome person! I liked the pictures you sent, especially the pose that Nate has in the one! That’s pretty much it! Love you guys!

Love Elder Daugs

Hi dad 

It took a lot of work to get through that tree!! We used chain saws but it was still hard! Especially since we had to cut up the whole tree! We can't really find much teaching to do so we're mostly doing service. Most of the members don't want to help and most of them don't live in our area.  I've heard in other areas, the members help a ton!
Depending on the day I've gained 7-8 pounds since I left! Hopefully some of its muscle because we've been doing lots of service. I do p90x and a ton of push-ups too. We've each done over 1600 push-ups in the past two weeks! Last Friday we did 625! We've gone on a low fat high protein diet too so that will help too. We've got lots of protein powder mix and stuff so hopefully I'll get bigger. I've already noticed my arms are bigger. This mission is known for making people fat so pretty much all of the missionaries work out a ton!

This guy named Jim, he's Kelly's husband, he's not a member but he likes us and he's probably just a little older than you but he has a duck dynasty beard, but anyways he gives us lots of fresh eggs and a lot of fresh venison so that's awesome. He has 13 deer tags this year!!

I did cut my own hair with the trimmers. There was a big attachment that leaves it about an inch long so I used that. We turned on the heater for the first time because it's getting cold and the heater sucks!! It's only warm if you’re a foot away from it, so that will be fun in the winter. We have to walk around in sweats and sweatshirts to stay warm. I'll probably buy some long johns soon.

The truck is fixed now. They forgot to fix the water pump after the accident so it was really sluggish. But now it's as good as new and it's really nice. It's the nicest and newest thing I've ever driven so we're pretty lucky!

That’s pretty much it.  Love ya and tell mom too!

Elder Daugs 

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  1. You have a good positive attitude and it will carry you a long way in your search for people to teach. I love your big smile, you look so handsome. I know the Lord will bless you in your efforts, remember he is always looking after you. Love you much, Grandma Iris