Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25th, 2016

Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016

Hey guys!

This week was a pretty good week. Monday was the same old thing, nothing special. Oh yeah Elder Russell tried to give himself a haircut and he came out of the bathroom his head looked like a hairless chihuahua! It was pretty funny!

Tuesday we had a lesson with Marissa and her daughter Layla at Wegmans and that went really well. They are both continuing to progress.

Wednesday we had a lesson with Randymin the morning and we had a really good conversation and then we read some more from m the Book of Mormon and he's only got 20 pages to go! Then we had a lesson with Bryan and I don't really see him going anywhere or getting baptized or even attending a sacrament meeting but what I figure is if we can get him to like the Book of Mormon as much as he likes the bible then that's great!

Thursday we went to Perry with the Warsaw elders and the senior couple there and helped with a food pantry type thing. So basically all we did was carry all of the people's boxes and bags out to their cars for them for a couple of hours but it was a lot of help to them. Especially since it had snowed a bunch the night before and it was still snowing.

Friday we had dinner at the Larson’s, which are my favorite family members in the ward. They are super awesome! A young couple, from Utah, quadruplets, etc... So it's really fun going over there.

Saturday we had a lesson with Marissa and Layla and Steve again and we ended up watching Joseph Smith: prophet of the restoration and they all really enjoyed that and on Sunday they all came to church as well and all liked the services too! So that's two weeks in a row that they have come! Also for the second hour we had to sub in primary for sister Larson and they had us over for dinner again that night. I sat on the couch to show a video on the iPad and all four of the kids just came and sat next to me,behind me, crawling over me, etc.. But as soon as the video started the just all sat quietly and watched. I should've got a picture for you mom but I forgot! Sorry!

Having four three year olds would be a lot of work but I think it would also be a lot of fun! It makes me want to have a family like that except I don't know if I could handle having four at the same time?  It's just awesome to see how their family is so happy and how everything works and you can't help but see that it's the gospel that made it that way. Then that night we went to the senior center. Oh yeah and I guess Geneseo NY was trending on the Internet for the stuff that was happening. It's pretty crazy! I walked down that street a couple of hours before they found them. Who would've thought that something like that would happen less than a mile from where you live?

Anyways have a great week and remember how important family is!

Love, Elder Daugs

Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11, 2015

Hey everyone!

So to start off the week for p-day we want to Brockport for a zone p-day and it was a little weird being in my old area but we had a lot of fun! Tuesday Elder Holmberg and I went on exchanges. So in them morning we had a lesson all the way up in Caledonia with Randy and that went really well/ long! (It was a 2 hour 45 min lesson) but he's halfway through Ether but still no way to get to church. Then that night we went to Honeoye to teach a deaf less active member. It's kind of hard to get ahold of someone who is deaf because you can't call so we just showed up and ringing the doorbell and knocking doesn't do anything so we ended up jumping around and trying to get his attention outside his door and he walked right by a couple times so because he couldn't hear us so we ended up driving back.

Then Thursday, we had an appointment with Marissa at Wegman’s but she didn't show up but we were able to talk to a lady there and gave her a Book of Mormon and she said we could come by some time and talk about it so it just goes to show that everything happens for a reason, even people standing us up.

Then, the next day we were able to go over to Marissa's house and help
her set up a family search account and we were able to find a couple of people that she didn't know about and go back a couple of generations on one line.

Friday, we had a lesson with a fairly recent convert on family history as well. He has been off and on active/less active over the past year since his baptism and he seemed to really like it and he came to church this Sunday. Also Marissa came and brought her boyfriend and her daughter to church, which was great! I also had to play the piano in church, which isn't my favorite but its ok, I guess.

Then this morning we went to Bridgette’s apartment and gave each other haircuts but luckily I didn't need one yet so I just helped Bridgette cut the others. That's pretty much it!

Have a great week!

Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4, 2016 ~ short update

Hey guys!

This week was good! We finally got snow!! We have had a couple good lessons this week. We met with Marissa and she brought her daughter and boyfriend, so we were able to teach all of them and they were all asking questions and they are interested in family history so hopefully that will lead to something. We were finally able to meet with Randy again because he wouldn't answer his phone so we just showed up.

Most of the zone went to Brockport to play basketball and just hang out today. Sorry for the short email. Nothing exciting happened and I email the same thing every week.

Other than that it was kinda boring week, sorry guys! Have a
good week!

Love Elder Daugs