Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15th, 2014

Chevy Colorado

Apartment in Springville
Springville Apartment

 Outside the Springville Apartment

Hello everyone!                                                                                    September 15, 2014

This week has been pretty good nothing too out of the ordinary.

Monday was FHE and we went to the Owens. Dinner was a little late so we played around and helped Shaylyn and Tristan with their homework. We didn't move the piano the rest of the way up the stairs because he
wants to re enforce a couple of the steps first. On

Tuesday we volunteered at the trading post (it's a Christian service, food pantry type thing) moving cans and stuff around. Then we went over and taught Chuck another lesson. We are trying to get him to come to church but his store is open on Sunday so it's kind of hard for him to come.

Wednesday we went and helped at the trading post again because they had a free lunch where there were lots of people to talk to so we got three more potential investigators that day. Then we went and mowed sister Lux lawn and it was super long from all of the rain. Then we went and taught Brenda Costa another new member lesson.

Thursday was pretty uneventful. We had district meeting and game night and the usual stuff.

Friday we went and helped Roy finish his terraced planter things, filling them with dirt then we played football on his huge yard back in the woods for a little bit then we made some concrete pads along side some of his buildings. Then we had dinner with the Terintinos at Ponderosa Steak House and that was pretty good when I ate it, but when I got home I must have had food poisoning or something because my stomach didn't like it so I just threw it up and I felt much better. Sorry if that was kind of gross! Then we went tot Sister Gates funeral memorial service at the stake center. We rode with the Becker’s to save on miles. Brother Becker is the funniest man I have ever met! He is super sarcastic and jokes around a lot. After the memorial we had to stop at Wal-Mart and pick up some groceries for him while his wife is going on vacation. He is vegan but he still eats some things like normal ice cream because it tastes good, and fish. So, not a very strict vegan. He also bought a ton of candy because he likes to always carry it around and hand it out. He bought 15 pounds of it! So because of shopping we got home kind of late.

Saturday we went and helped Brenda Costa move from Springville to Yorkshire. Then after that we went and helped the Hackets split wood and build a chicken coop. Their little boy was trying to stick the shovel between our legs and jump on it so we had to be on the look out for him trying to sneak up behind us! Sunday we went to church, and after words we had a potluck and a old senior couple came back to visit from Layton. Then we went and visited a less active for the first time. Nobody knows who he is and he is a big guy who lives not to far away from us so we went to go see him. He was prepared for us and had his whole life story printed out and in a folder for us. He was discharged from the army a couple of years ago and had tons of things about his life to tell us. Then we went and saw a member who lives up by Kissing Bridge Ski Resort, actually right across the street, and we are going back and having dinner with his non-member friends next week. That's pretty much my week.

Mom, to answer some of your questions, it's getting cooler here, the past few days haven't got above about 58. My apartment is pretty good. It is equipped for four elders, so we have extra beds. We put the other two in our room so we have bigger beds now. We should get our old truck back in a little bit after they are done fixing it. We took it to the shop about a block away so I think we'll go check. The Nissans are a lot nicer than the Colorado’s.

Hello dad,

How's it been going? We moved a lady this week and all of her stuff was covered in tons of cat hair!! It was disgusting!!!! Our mission is getting rid of all of the Colorado’s next month and getting all new Nissan Frontiers! The church must have a ton of money to buy 40 brand new trucks! And that's just in one mission. Gladys Knight is coming to our mission to sing and to give a devotional with her choir so hopefully I can go to that but it's all the way in Rochester. She's a very active member in the church if you didn't know. You should watch the amazing spider man 2 with Avery. It was all filmed in Rochester so all of the buildings and stuff are from here not New York City where the story takes palace so that's kind of cool. You'll get to see a little but of my mission if you do. That's pretty much it just a few little things.

Sorry one more thing. The Bills are 2-0 so everyone is excited about that and it is all everyone talks about.

Love Elder Daugs

Below are pictures from the MTC in Provo:
Brother Bishop
 Brother Marsden
 MTC District
 District with Sister Jordan (Teacher)
 District at the Provo Temple
 District at the Provo Temple
 MTC District

 Elder Glenn from California 
 Elder Houghton
 Elder Kropp
View from the classroom

 Member of the Branch Presidency
 Branch President and Wife

 MTC Dorm room

 Teacher- Brother Bettilyon

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