Monday, May 25, 2015

Frogs for dinner?

Hey guys!

Nothing too exciting this week. First off I don't know if I told you but we found that tennis girl from the clothing closet and her name is Lauren. So we went and taught her and her sister about the restoration and they are really cool and interested in learning, but.... The moved back to Long Island yesterday. So I really need Facebook back so I can teach her that way then refer her to those missionaries.

Then some more bad news is we lost Vlad. Literally. He's not home; he doesn't have a phone or a car. He was progressing pretty good and he came to church twice but now he is lost. He went to Rochester on Monday with his friend and never came back. So, we still need to find him. If you see a bald Ukrainian guy let me know.

We did a lot of tracking this week trying to find some more people to teach. Nothing too promising. We did find a guy who came out and wanted to talk with us and learn more and we were able to teach him the restoration but he lives in Maryland.

We went and had dinner at Elizabeth's house with her family this week. We had interviews with president and the Aps this week at our apartment because they are re doing the floors in the gym at the church and it stinks right now. So that was good to talk with them.

We went to the United Methodist church and taught the youth and some others about our beliefs and our church. We stole a bunch of pictures from the library so it was a good presentation that they all liked. We had pictures of all of the temples, general authorities, etc...

One morning we went bike riding with a lady from our ward. She's blind so I rode a tandem bike while Elder Gubler rode another bike behind. We rode all the way from ridge road to the canal and Redman road then along the canal to county line road and back so it was quite a ways to pull her along. Still fun though.

Last night we went to the stake center to a fireside of Daniel Rona. It was really good!
I'll send you CDs of it sometime. Anyways that's pretty much all.

Love ya!

To Dad:
NY weather is pretty crazy! I found a bike shop but they only have a couple cool bikes and no trails. We went frog digging last p-day. It was pretty fun! I'm not very good at cooking them though. We are going to try again this p-day. I will send pictures. We also caught a mini turtle, and a snapping turtle! A huge snake went across my foot but I didn't know what kind it was so we didn't chase it. I don't know if they have poison snakes here. I will send pictures.

Monday, May 18, 2015

It was a good week!

Hello guys,                                                                        May 18th, 2015

This week was pretty good! We found a couple more new investigators and Vlad is progressing and we are developing good friendships with all of the people here in the area. For p day we went to Greece and played ultimate Frisbee but it got way to hot and humid to do that for long. But for the most part this week was a little cooler than last. We found the tennis girl from the clothing closet that we were trying to find. She walked into Jims store while we were teaching him and we were able to give her a Book of Mormon and to talk with her a little bit. The bad news is she seems interested and wants to learn more but she just graduated and is moving back to Long Island next week. So we'll have to send those missionaries to teach her. We were never able to set up good times to teach her because she was so busy.

The good news for the week is Vlad. He is the one from Ukraine and he is almost done with the Book of Mormon after a Week! He has come to church twice, and we are going to the sites with him tomorrow. So that will be really fun. We were able to Skype with one of Bro. Britton’s friends who just got back from the Ukraine so he could understand a little more what we are talking about. It should turn out good.

We did lots of service this week for the library doing weeding, we served food at the Baptist church with the Methodist members, we worked at the clothing closet at the Episcopal church, etc.. The Methodist pastor really loves us and she is going to have is over for dinner one night and we are going to teach all of the youth in her church about our religion this week. And one of the families we are teaching are members of her congregation and she's fine with us teaching them.

Friday, one of the members graduated and we had a huge surprise party at the church for her. Pretty much the whole ward came plus some. We want to the prison again and he gets out in 40 days so he's almost done. We had zone meeting in Batavia this week and that was fun! And this up coming week we have interviews with president. That's pretty much the week for me

Love ya!

This is Wegmans from our apartment. You can barely see it through the

trees but there is a trail and a bridge over the river right to it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day~ May 10th 2015

It was good to talk to you guys for a bit this week! Nothing much went on except for the things I told you. We gave Vlad a Ukrainian Book of Mormon and three days later he is on alma 19 and he says he really likes it. He came to church and said he liked the spirit that he felt and wants to come every week. We are still trying to find someone who speaks Russian, or Ukrainian so we can understand him. We went and chopped lots of wood on Saturday. About five hours straight of splitting while Elder Gunner stacked it all. Then some other people from the ward just kept chopping down more trees and they said we only got about a forth of the way done. We had an investigator have us over for dinner this week and her kids really like us and she let us teach her kids all about the Book of Mormon. Knocked on a bunch of doors and it's still really hot and humid! That's pretty much it!

Love ya!

Pictures from our 2 hour Skype session on mother's day. He is doing good!  He isn't liking the hot, humid weather already though.  We love and miss him!

 This is as cool as it gets in the apartment.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

March 4th, 2015

So, this week was really good! We did a bunch of tracting and that's pretty much the only way we have to find new investigators here. It's been slow for he whole mission, but it's taking a turn for the better. Our zone is the best! It's full of hard working missionaries and we are all like best friends. We are in the Rochester west zone and Batavia found 26 new investigators last week! And we found a couple as well, so did Spencerport. Warsaw has some baptisms coming up... So the zone is doing great!

We met this Ukrainian guy this week that doesn't speak English, so we are going to go over to his house and give him a Ukrainian Book of Mormon and watch the restoration in Ukrainian with him. We will see how that goes. We got two pretty promising new investigators this week who are interested in the Book of Mormon. Apparently there is a guy in our apartments somewhere who wants a Book of Mormon and wants to join our religion, who talked to the Spencerport elders.  We just have to find him. The problem is that there is hundreds of people on our apartments.

We got to go to the Peter Whittmer farm to the chapel there for a special training for our zone. It will probably be the only time I get to go there. It is in Fayette and it is where the church started so it was pretty cool. We were there for six hours!

Another cool thing is we got to take the brand new mission van there so there was twelve of us missionaries in the party van going on a road trip    (I'll send ya pics) we did a. Inch of gardening for members and for the Catholic Church this week. The members till their garden by hand with pitchforks because it is better for the dirt so that was pretty tiring. Then we planted a bunch of plants and did mulch in all of the flowerbeds around the Catholic Church. A service sorority from the college was there helping us as well. I think it's the only good sorority in town. Ha-ha. And we took a less active member with us on teaching visits to our investigator bill and I think it really helped both of them. So hopefully both of them start coming to church. Anyways that's pretty much it.

Love ya!!

Ps. We found a full court with short hoops so we are playing dunk ball for p-day with Spencerport and the four Batavia elders. If it's not too hot!

Lake Ontario

Albion from tower


Cool Tower

 Neat tree we saw as we were tracking

Peter Whittmer Farm

 New Mission Van

 Brother and Sister Ray