Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015 ~ The Great Lakes are "GREAT!"

Hello everyone!                                                         March 23, 2015

This week was great! I'm really loving the Brockport Ward and all of the people in the ward. My favorite part is we have an awesome ward mission leader who comes with us on teaching appointments and we have five or six others who come with us too to. Sometimes they even set up the appointments for us and call us and ask us if we want to go out on visits. That's really great!

The Elders Quorum President is really awesome too! He is super young also and he went to Utah State. We got our new iPads this week, nothing really different except I lost all of my notes and everything I had downloaded is gone so...

We've still been going around setting up family mission plans with all of the members and I really believe that it is going to work and all of the members are on board. So, we've visited a ton of the active members and done this so that's been the majority of the week. Some members we visited live through this huge Apple orchard right on Lake Ontario! It's huge, and if I didn't know better I would say it was the ocean. We had a family history open house at the church this week for everyone in the community. We also went to the senior center and helped there and the taught us how to knit!

We also found this really nice neighborhood with huge houses the other day so we decided to start tracting that one and the people there are fairly nice so far. We've been able to get two potential investigators from that
neighborhood so far. We're teaching this guy named Lee and he's really cool. He accepts everything we teach. This week we taught him about eternal marriage, temples, and a bunch of deep doctrine stuff and he said it made sense to him. He's going to get baptized but he said he wants to read the entire Book of Mormon first. So, it might be a while.

It's been pretty good weather so far, usually in the 40’s, but yesterday it snowed a couple of inches and it's cold again. But it's supposed to get pretty warm this week!
There are tons of awesome places to eat here; so I'm probably gonna get fat! We went to this bar with a member this week called the stone yard and they have 35-cent wings! And they are the best wings I have ever had!!!

Anyways love ya!

To Dad:

Hello dad! How are things going? You should see how big the Great Lakes are! It's just like the ocean. Also so much good food here in New York! When the family comes out I won't know where to take you because there's so much! This bar called Stone Yard is really cool it's right on Main Street on the east side right next to the Erie Canal and they have the best wings ever!! And they are only 35 cents!! Also there's a diner called Brockport Diner and it's like Angie's but better! Brockport is a lot like Logan but without the Mormons.

Love ya!

 Lake Ontario

Learned to knit!

Older picture with the Bath District (Wellsville)

Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16th, 2015 ~ Loving life in Brockport!

Hello guys,                                                                     March 16, 2015

So this week was great! 
Monday morning we got transfer calls and I was kind of surprised that I was leaving Wellsville. I thought I would be staying another transfer but I'm sure glad that I came here. My new companion is Elder Gubler, from Spanish Fork and he's really awesome! We get along super good and we do tons of work!

Tuesday was transfer meeting and Elder Vickers, my trainer went home.
Then since we are flushing the area we didn't know anything. We didn't
know where Brockport was, where our apartment was, etc... So we've
kind of been winging it for a day or two. We finally made it to
Brockport and found our apartment then we looked on the calendar and
we had a meal appointment with some members two cities away! So, we
went searching for their house.

Brockport is awesome!! It's a ward that covers a pretty big area, and the members are really cool and on board to help with missionary work. We have a super awesome ward mission leader, Bro. Britton, who’s pretty young and is really on top of things. A bunch of the members are willing to go around with us on visits and teaching appointments and some of them even call us and set up appointments for us to go out. Bro McNeese is a cop in Rochester, which is a really crazy job; he says he has to deal with stabbings, shootings and drugs, every single day! Crazy job! And he's the only LDS cop out of 700 in Rochester. But he's really cool and goes out on visits with us. He said he didn't really like the last missionaries very much but now that we are here he wants to go out more. We are also going around setting up family mission plans with all of the active families to get them all involved in the missionary work. We got a new investigator this week but we haven't been able to contact her again. Brockport is a college town so it reminds me of Logan a lot, except no mountains. I'm not too far from Rochester and from he Great Lakes, so that's cool. The Erie Canal runs right through Brockport but it's frozen right now so I'll send you pictures when it melts. There are tons of food places here to eat
and it's going to make me fat because it's all so good! Haha there is
probably 15 different local pizza places alone! 

Anyways, Brockport is great and I love it here!

Love ya!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

New Mailing Address for Brockport

219 Viking Way Apt. A5
Brockport, New York

Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9th, 2015~ Transfers to Brockport!!! YAY!!!

Hey guys!

My birthday was great! Thanks for the birthday wishes and the package!
We went over to the Millers that night and had cake and dinner and played a little game ;). Hornell also came down for dinner. We had a pretty good week this week. We did service for some members cutting down trees and we moved some furniture for some other members from the retirement home back to their house. We had all of the normal things going on as well this week and the weather has been a little warmer too. We got a new investigator this week from one of the members but he has some mental issues and will be had to teach I think. And the big news for this week was transfers!! So I'm going to Brockport up by Rochester!! My new companion is going to be Elder Gubler and we are flushing the area!! So, we are both going to be new there and just try to figure things out as we go but I'm super excited! We are going to be able to do so much work and I'm super stoked!!

Anyways, that's the exciting news!

Love, Elder Daugs

 A little about Brockport:

Brockport, NY is a small, safe and beautiful town of 8,100 residents located on the historic Erie Canal. Brockport is located 16 miles (about 25.7 km) west of Rochester, NY and about 45 miles (about 72.4 km) east of Buffalo, NY.
Packing up!  He's excited for the change and to get closer to the BIG cities!  He says he can't fit everything in.  I guess we need to stop sending him stuff. 
 New Suit and tie for his birthday. Addison shopped for the suit and got a good deal and mom sent a few ties.  This tie was a fun one that she wasn't sure if he would like, but I guess he likes it!

Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

Hey my week has been pretty good!

On Tuesday we went to Rochester for a mission wide meeting and Elder Evans from the seventy and Elder Allan from the head of the mission department came and talked to as a little about iPads and how we will get updated ones and how we are going to restart on how we use them for missionary work. But the majority of the meeting was about how the mission prepares us for the rest of our life. It was a really great meeting!!

Then, after the meeting we did exchanges and Elder Gibby came with me down to Wellsville. He's really cool! He's from Idaho and he has a pig farm with over 30,000 pigs and they have pigs in China and all over the world.

We went to institute on the way back at Alfred and had that for an hour and afterwards we had a lot of extra brownies from he meeting, so we went around and handed them to random students across campus, which was great for getting us seen around campus and people more familiar with us. It was kind of funny. Most of them were excited to get the brownies, but some were a little skeptical about what was in the brownies!

Then, the next day we had a couple lessons with less actives. Then we exchanged back the next day. We had district meeting on Thursday as usual. Then we went to Alfred to talk with a member on Friday and he invited us to this activity that the students in his dorm were doing so we went there and got familiar with a couple of the students.

Sunday, we had church but a bunch of people were out of town so we had 15 members plus the missionaries. Then we had dinner at the Millers and with the Alfred students, which was good to get to know them better! It's snowed a couple of days and no snow has melted yet so just keeps building up. We went through a couple Amish communities this week, which was interesting to see their way of life.
Other than that, nothing to exciting going on.

Love ya!

P.S. to dad:

I don't mind the cold. Snow caving sounds fun! I wish I could have gone! You are getting old! Not really though most of the missionaries parents are in there sixties. Nothing too exciting going on here in Wellsville. Transfers are next week though.