Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

Hello everybody!                                                                                              September 22, 2014

This week has been good but not as busy as usual so I'm not going to go through every day. We've been going over to a less active house named Alan Heckler and reading from the Book of Mormon.  We also taught him one other time during the week so hopeful we can get him to the point where he comes back to church.

Brenda moved into Yorkshire, which is in the Freedom Elders area so they will be taking over the teaching for her. We went and visited some more less-actives in West Valley. Their names are John and Pinky.  They are super nice people. We went over at about six and John sat out in his back yard with us for 2 hours just talking. They have a really cool yard and have lots of cool little things back in the woods. He also trains Newfoundland dogs to do water rescue so that's pretty cool.

We went to the trading post to volunteer one day this week as usual and we are getting to know more people so hopefully someone will get interested enough to want to take the lessons. We went over to the Cizaks and helped them stack four cords of wood and that took forever! Everyone out here has wood stoves so they all need help with wood it seems like. We went and met with Chris up by kissing bridge (the ski resort) and talked with him. We are going to try and have a get together with the people in his apartment complex to try and get them interested in coming to church or taking the lessons.

We are having a fireside in November on family home evening that we will be teaching, so hopefully the ward will come to that and they can bring their friends as well. I didn't get to go to the Gladys Knight thing because it was too far away. But everyone that I talked to say it was amazing! We had a stake day of service where we went up by the University of Buffalo campus and cleaned up the river and some others went and volunteered at a place called Viva La Casa. So there were probably 20 missionaries and lots of members from the Buffalo Stake all helping clean up the area. It was the 40th anniversary of Buffalo Stake, so the past stake presidents spoke and stuff afterwards. We were having lunch and some guy had this ghost pepper sauce that was 500000 scovals!! So Elder Toth, Elder Howard and I decided to eat a spoon full. Not the greatest idea that we have had!! That was the hottest thing I have ever eaten!! But it was a good experience, I guess.

Sunday, we got a new Branch Presidency with President Mars and Brother McCown as his counselor. I think president Mars will be really great for this area and help missionary work progress. He’s pretty young. I think still in his twenties, but he is really smart and knows how to run things. He is in charge of two logging companies. Transfers are on Tuesday, but I'm pretty sure I'm staying here though. That's pretty much it for this week!

Love Elder Daugs

This is a picture of the people that helped with the day of service. Elder Toth and

Howard that did the hot sauce thing with me are front and center with
yellow and grey shirts. I am in the back in front of Elder Vickers. He is in the orange shirt.  There are over 20 missionaries in this picture. 

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