Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8th, 2014~ More Service! Building muscle and relationships.

Hello everyone! 

This week has been just about the same as every other week. On Monday we did the usual stuff and I think I told you about it in last weeks letter. Monday night we did exchanges.  Elder Newbold from Arcade came over to Springville with me and Elder Vickers went to Arcade with Elder Richins. We went and taught Chuck and he was doing well as usual. We invited him to church but he couldn't come because his shop is open seven days a week. We went and contacted some referrals that we got but the both said that they were busy so we couldn't talk to them. That night we went to Kelly Meyers and helped her and Jim with chores and then she fed us. He daughters and Jim's son were there to so we got to meet them. It's kind of an interesting family.

Wednesday we went to the auction to look for an investigator we had but gave is the wrong number and to find new investigators. Nobody was interested though. It's kind of like a huge garage sale and they have people there selling stuff that is new too. I bought a baseball mitt for 4 dollars and so did Elder Richins for game night. I also got a couple of small things. Then we went and tried to contact a couple of less- actives again in west valley but they weren't home.

Thursday we had zone conference in Orchard Park. That was pretty awesome. We were taught a bunch of different things and I got to meet a lot of the other missionaries in the buffalo south zone. We learned a lot and all of us missionaries had a really good time. When we got back we went and picked up a player piano for the Owens. Yes I said a piano! It made our little truck squat almost all of the way to the ground. Then we carried it up one set of stairs into their house. We are going back tonight for FHE and to carry it to the top floor, so that's going to be fun!!

Friday we did the normal stuff but nothing too exciting.

Saturday we walked around town looking for more people to teach. We met one guy that talked with us for a while named Roger and said his son (also named Roger) might be interested so he gave is his address. Then we went it this Christian aid center place and signed up to volunteer. We are going tomorrow morning to help. Hopefully people will ask about our church and we will get a little more involved in the community so people will like us a little more. Hopefully then more people will be willing to listen.

Sunday we did the normal stuff, then after church went to Holland to find some less-actives that we have never met. We went to Alan Laufer’s and he wasn't home but we met his wife and she isn't a member and we taught her a little and she seemed really interested and talked about how some of her relatives are members so hopefully we can work with her and her husband on coming back to church and see of she is interested in becoming a member. That's pretty much it for this week.

Love you guys!

Elder Daugs

Bonus letter to his dad:

Hello dad,

Yeah we've been doing quite a bit of service because that's all we really have to do right now. We don't have many teaching appointments. I think we taught six lessons last week so that's not even one a day. We've spent the past few days trying to go around and find more people to teach but most people don't want to listen. There are only four member families in our area. The rest live in the Arcade Elders area.
We haven't knocked on too many doors because people don't answer when they see it's us so it's not very effective. We are allowed to do pretty much anything we want to find people and teach. We just do whatever we think works best. I know in some areas they still do a lot of knocking. Elder Vickers and I get along really well. He reminds me a lot of Nate Gunderson. We don't have a washer and dryer so we have
to go to the laundry mat. It costs around seven dollars to do my laundry there though so it's kind of expensive. Since I have to do two loads and one dryer. That's pretty much it.

Elder Daugs (coffee boy)

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