Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29th, 2014

Hello everyone!                                                                                                September 29th, 2014

This week has gone good as usual except for a few things. We had lots of appointments cancel on is this week so we only ended up teaching like six lessons the whole week! We got our truck back and took the other one up to West Seneca so they could have it and now our truck is making lots of weird noises, so it's not fixed yet. We are probably going to take it back in today so we might be walking for a while!

We did lots of service this week splitting and stacking wood for people. This one tree we cut down at the bakers was 3 1/2 feet across!! It took forever to cut all of that tree up! We went to a place last p-day called Beaver Meadows, which is just a place to hike around through the hills. We did that for a few hours! It was cold and raining a little bit so the Freedom Elders and us were the only ones there. Elder
Richins, our district leader was transferred this Tuesday to Greece, which is up by Rochester and Elder Passey came down here. Elder Vickers and I are still in Springville though; I have a feeling I might be here for a long time!

Saturday we were at the church setting up for the General Relief Society thing and a car hit the telephone pole in front of the church and it pulled down three other poles all onto the road so we were trapped at the church since there is only one way out of the parking lot!. Nobody was hurt but it was taking forever for them to get it cleared out and we were already stuck at the church for four hours so we decided to just go across the yard and through a field, and through a ditch so we could get out!

Sunday we still didn’t have power so we only had sacrament in the dark! It was good though! We moved a new lady with two little girls into the ward and she came to church. The Freedom Elders had an investigator come and the Miess' who live by us brought some friends that aren't members. We talked with them. They seemed very interested!! We tried visiting a lot of less actives this week and we got shut down every time except for one. They all said they didn't have time to talk. Jon and Pinky let us in though. They have an awesome house! Their lawn is like a golf course!! They live in top of a hill back in the woods liking over valleys full of trees! I'll have to send you a picture sometime!

So, even with all of this service and stuff my companion and I are still getting fat, so we decided that we are going to work out a ton so we can get in shape! So, on Friday we found this P 90X dvd in our apartment so we did that in the morning. Then we kind of made a competition thing where we both have to do the same amount of push-ups a day. So when he's not looking I'll do 40 push-ups and write it down
on this chart we made. Then I'll go to the bathroom and he'll do 50, etc.... So by the end of the day on Friday we each did 350 push-ups and today we are already at 425! My arms and chest hurt so bad!! but I guess that's a good thing.

Today we went to this cool bridge that goes over the Cattaraugus River and played around there because there's nothing really to do on p-day. Also I cut my own hair today and surprisingly it doesn't look too bad!!

I love you guys and can't wait to hear from you!

Love Elder Daugs

Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

Hello everybody!                                                                                              September 22, 2014

This week has been good but not as busy as usual so I'm not going to go through every day. We've been going over to a less active house named Alan Heckler and reading from the Book of Mormon.  We also taught him one other time during the week so hopeful we can get him to the point where he comes back to church.

Brenda moved into Yorkshire, which is in the Freedom Elders area so they will be taking over the teaching for her. We went and visited some more less-actives in West Valley. Their names are John and Pinky.  They are super nice people. We went over at about six and John sat out in his back yard with us for 2 hours just talking. They have a really cool yard and have lots of cool little things back in the woods. He also trains Newfoundland dogs to do water rescue so that's pretty cool.

We went to the trading post to volunteer one day this week as usual and we are getting to know more people so hopefully someone will get interested enough to want to take the lessons. We went over to the Cizaks and helped them stack four cords of wood and that took forever! Everyone out here has wood stoves so they all need help with wood it seems like. We went and met with Chris up by kissing bridge (the ski resort) and talked with him. We are going to try and have a get together with the people in his apartment complex to try and get them interested in coming to church or taking the lessons.

We are having a fireside in November on family home evening that we will be teaching, so hopefully the ward will come to that and they can bring their friends as well. I didn't get to go to the Gladys Knight thing because it was too far away. But everyone that I talked to say it was amazing! We had a stake day of service where we went up by the University of Buffalo campus and cleaned up the river and some others went and volunteered at a place called Viva La Casa. So there were probably 20 missionaries and lots of members from the Buffalo Stake all helping clean up the area. It was the 40th anniversary of Buffalo Stake, so the past stake presidents spoke and stuff afterwards. We were having lunch and some guy had this ghost pepper sauce that was 500000 scovals!! So Elder Toth, Elder Howard and I decided to eat a spoon full. Not the greatest idea that we have had!! That was the hottest thing I have ever eaten!! But it was a good experience, I guess.

Sunday, we got a new Branch Presidency with President Mars and Brother McCown as his counselor. I think president Mars will be really great for this area and help missionary work progress. He’s pretty young. I think still in his twenties, but he is really smart and knows how to run things. He is in charge of two logging companies. Transfers are on Tuesday, but I'm pretty sure I'm staying here though. That's pretty much it for this week!

Love Elder Daugs

This is a picture of the people that helped with the day of service. Elder Toth and

Howard that did the hot sauce thing with me are front and center with
yellow and grey shirts. I am in the back in front of Elder Vickers. He is in the orange shirt.  There are over 20 missionaries in this picture. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15th, 2014

Chevy Colorado

Apartment in Springville
Springville Apartment

 Outside the Springville Apartment

Hello everyone!                                                                                    September 15, 2014

This week has been pretty good nothing too out of the ordinary.

Monday was FHE and we went to the Owens. Dinner was a little late so we played around and helped Shaylyn and Tristan with their homework. We didn't move the piano the rest of the way up the stairs because he
wants to re enforce a couple of the steps first. On

Tuesday we volunteered at the trading post (it's a Christian service, food pantry type thing) moving cans and stuff around. Then we went over and taught Chuck another lesson. We are trying to get him to come to church but his store is open on Sunday so it's kind of hard for him to come.

Wednesday we went and helped at the trading post again because they had a free lunch where there were lots of people to talk to so we got three more potential investigators that day. Then we went and mowed sister Lux lawn and it was super long from all of the rain. Then we went and taught Brenda Costa another new member lesson.

Thursday was pretty uneventful. We had district meeting and game night and the usual stuff.

Friday we went and helped Roy finish his terraced planter things, filling them with dirt then we played football on his huge yard back in the woods for a little bit then we made some concrete pads along side some of his buildings. Then we had dinner with the Terintinos at Ponderosa Steak House and that was pretty good when I ate it, but when I got home I must have had food poisoning or something because my stomach didn't like it so I just threw it up and I felt much better. Sorry if that was kind of gross! Then we went tot Sister Gates funeral memorial service at the stake center. We rode with the Becker’s to save on miles. Brother Becker is the funniest man I have ever met! He is super sarcastic and jokes around a lot. After the memorial we had to stop at Wal-Mart and pick up some groceries for him while his wife is going on vacation. He is vegan but he still eats some things like normal ice cream because it tastes good, and fish. So, not a very strict vegan. He also bought a ton of candy because he likes to always carry it around and hand it out. He bought 15 pounds of it! So because of shopping we got home kind of late.

Saturday we went and helped Brenda Costa move from Springville to Yorkshire. Then after that we went and helped the Hackets split wood and build a chicken coop. Their little boy was trying to stick the shovel between our legs and jump on it so we had to be on the look out for him trying to sneak up behind us! Sunday we went to church, and after words we had a potluck and a old senior couple came back to visit from Layton. Then we went and visited a less active for the first time. Nobody knows who he is and he is a big guy who lives not to far away from us so we went to go see him. He was prepared for us and had his whole life story printed out and in a folder for us. He was discharged from the army a couple of years ago and had tons of things about his life to tell us. Then we went and saw a member who lives up by Kissing Bridge Ski Resort, actually right across the street, and we are going back and having dinner with his non-member friends next week. That's pretty much my week.

Mom, to answer some of your questions, it's getting cooler here, the past few days haven't got above about 58. My apartment is pretty good. It is equipped for four elders, so we have extra beds. We put the other two in our room so we have bigger beds now. We should get our old truck back in a little bit after they are done fixing it. We took it to the shop about a block away so I think we'll go check. The Nissans are a lot nicer than the Colorado’s.

Hello dad,

How's it been going? We moved a lady this week and all of her stuff was covered in tons of cat hair!! It was disgusting!!!! Our mission is getting rid of all of the Colorado’s next month and getting all new Nissan Frontiers! The church must have a ton of money to buy 40 brand new trucks! And that's just in one mission. Gladys Knight is coming to our mission to sing and to give a devotional with her choir so hopefully I can go to that but it's all the way in Rochester. She's a very active member in the church if you didn't know. You should watch the amazing spider man 2 with Avery. It was all filmed in Rochester so all of the buildings and stuff are from here not New York City where the story takes palace so that's kind of cool. You'll get to see a little but of my mission if you do. That's pretty much it just a few little things.

Sorry one more thing. The Bills are 2-0 so everyone is excited about that and it is all everyone talks about.

Love Elder Daugs

Below are pictures from the MTC in Provo:
Brother Bishop
 Brother Marsden
 MTC District
 District with Sister Jordan (Teacher)
 District at the Provo Temple
 District at the Provo Temple
 MTC District

 Elder Glenn from California 
 Elder Houghton
 Elder Kropp
View from the classroom

 Member of the Branch Presidency
 Branch President and Wife

 MTC Dorm room

 Teacher- Brother Bettilyon

Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8th, 2014~ More Service! Building muscle and relationships.

Hello everyone! 

This week has been just about the same as every other week. On Monday we did the usual stuff and I think I told you about it in last weeks letter. Monday night we did exchanges.  Elder Newbold from Arcade came over to Springville with me and Elder Vickers went to Arcade with Elder Richins. We went and taught Chuck and he was doing well as usual. We invited him to church but he couldn't come because his shop is open seven days a week. We went and contacted some referrals that we got but the both said that they were busy so we couldn't talk to them. That night we went to Kelly Meyers and helped her and Jim with chores and then she fed us. He daughters and Jim's son were there to so we got to meet them. It's kind of an interesting family.

Wednesday we went to the auction to look for an investigator we had but gave is the wrong number and to find new investigators. Nobody was interested though. It's kind of like a huge garage sale and they have people there selling stuff that is new too. I bought a baseball mitt for 4 dollars and so did Elder Richins for game night. I also got a couple of small things. Then we went and tried to contact a couple of less- actives again in west valley but they weren't home.

Thursday we had zone conference in Orchard Park. That was pretty awesome. We were taught a bunch of different things and I got to meet a lot of the other missionaries in the buffalo south zone. We learned a lot and all of us missionaries had a really good time. When we got back we went and picked up a player piano for the Owens. Yes I said a piano! It made our little truck squat almost all of the way to the ground. Then we carried it up one set of stairs into their house. We are going back tonight for FHE and to carry it to the top floor, so that's going to be fun!!

Friday we did the normal stuff but nothing too exciting.

Saturday we walked around town looking for more people to teach. We met one guy that talked with us for a while named Roger and said his son (also named Roger) might be interested so he gave is his address. Then we went it this Christian aid center place and signed up to volunteer. We are going tomorrow morning to help. Hopefully people will ask about our church and we will get a little more involved in the community so people will like us a little more. Hopefully then more people will be willing to listen.

Sunday we did the normal stuff, then after church went to Holland to find some less-actives that we have never met. We went to Alan Laufer’s and he wasn't home but we met his wife and she isn't a member and we taught her a little and she seemed really interested and talked about how some of her relatives are members so hopefully we can work with her and her husband on coming back to church and see of she is interested in becoming a member. That's pretty much it for this week.

Love you guys!

Elder Daugs

Bonus letter to his dad:

Hello dad,

Yeah we've been doing quite a bit of service because that's all we really have to do right now. We don't have many teaching appointments. I think we taught six lessons last week so that's not even one a day. We've spent the past few days trying to go around and find more people to teach but most people don't want to listen. There are only four member families in our area. The rest live in the Arcade Elders area.
We haven't knocked on too many doors because people don't answer when they see it's us so it's not very effective. We are allowed to do pretty much anything we want to find people and teach. We just do whatever we think works best. I know in some areas they still do a lot of knocking. Elder Vickers and I get along really well. He reminds me a lot of Nate Gunderson. We don't have a washer and dryer so we have
to go to the laundry mat. It costs around seven dollars to do my laundry there though so it's kind of expensive. Since I have to do two loads and one dryer. That's pretty much it.

Elder Daugs (coffee boy)