Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1st, 2014 ~ More service and a new truck!


September 1st, 2014

This week flew by so fast probably because we were so busy and had lots to do. On Monday we went to the Owens as usual and some of her family from Buffalo came over to and they aren't members so we got to talk with them a little bit.

Tuesday we went and taught Sister Costa the new member lessons and we are working in getting her prepared to go to the temple. Then we went and hauled hay for Brother Becker for most of the day. He is 81 years old and can't do it any more so we hauled it all. His trackers are the really old ones from way back like in the 1940s so it's kind of hard to keep everything running and going smooth.
His neighbor came and bailed it then we hauled it to his barn and put it up in the loft. So, we did that for seven hours on Tuesday. We only had a little trailer pulled by his ancient tractor to haul it all so that's why it took forever. Out here you have to get all of the hay in right after you bail it because it's too humid to leave it out over
night so we had to just get it in the barn before night. We went back the next day and finished stacking it.

Wednesday we went and taught Chuck again in his shop. That went well and he's slowly moving along. Then we went back to the Backers and finished staking the hay.

Thursday morning we had to wake up early because we had some meetings
in Buffalo. We rode with the Freedom Elders up there to the meeting; they have been giving us rides around for he past week. We usually do things together most days anyways so it wasn't any different than normal, plus they had a meeting right after us. So on the way to Buffalo we drove past the Bills stadium so that was pretty cool. Buffalo is a pretty cool city, there are lots of old factories and stuff like that which they don't have in Utah. Then the gps took us through the ghetto for some reason, it took us right through the projects! Them we had our meetings then afterword we went to eat with 8 other missionaries at Chucks. It's this cool little place right in town that has wings and pizza. I got some pizza and it was pretty good. They say it's supposed to be a lot better than west coast pizza but the only thing I noticed was it was a lot greasier. It was still really good though. It was about a block away from the anchor bar, which is the place where Buffalo wings originated. We were going to go there but we didn’t have time, and we didn't know if we should go to a bar. So on the way back to Springville we picked up our new truck from West Seneca. It's a silver Colorado.

Friday we were supposed to have an appointment with Sean but we called to confirm and he gave us a fake phone number! So we went and helped the Gonzales' move just a couple of miles away. They are members from Puerto Rico and speak
perfect English though. 

Saturday we had to go help sister costa move her washer and dryer to her new house. Then, after that we went and helped finish moving the Gonzales. I think that people figured out that both sets of missionaries have trucks that are just the right size for moving so we've been doing a lot of that. Then back by our apartment there were a bunch of guys playing basketball at the park so we went to go talk to them. They weren't very interested in hearing a message but they wanted to play basketball. Since we were already in out basketball clothes played for a while. They all had really bad language and the people on the sides were all doing drugs and smoking, and all of that stuff. Even the girls, the younger kids and teenagers so that's pretty sad to see all of them doing that. They all started to like us once we got playing though. It was nice to go play basketball; I haven't done that in a while! Still not quite used to the humidity though, playing basketball and hauling hay got me a lot more hot and sweaty than home! Later that night after basketball, the branch president, President Miess called and asked Elder Vickers and me to speak the next day. So that was a surprise! 

Sunday at church it was Elder Vickers, the Owens oldest daughter, Lynette who spoke and me. She's waiting for a mission call soon.  She also has a brother and sister already in missions right now. That's not why she was speaking; I just thought I'd let you know. Then, Elder Vickers and I taught the gospel principles class after so it was a busy day. I'm getting along really well with Elder Vickers and we’re having lots of fun. We are really similar I think. This morning we did our usual p- day stuff then Elder Snyder, the senior couple missionary, us and the Freedom Elders went golfing! We got it approved by he AP’s so that was pretty fun. I'm not the best but I got better by the last hole. Then when we got back, Sister Snyder had made us homemade cookies so that was great.

Well, that's my week. I hope you guys have a good week!

Love ya,

Elder Daugs

Addison, New York   ( Addison just found it on the map )

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