Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015

Hello,                                                                                          February 23, 2015

This week was good. We taught our usual less active people during the week, nothing too out of the ordinary. Institute was cancelled this week because not very many of the students were going to be able to come. We went and did some service for some less actives this week and we had to dig through random piles of snow to try and find where he put his logs that he cut up during the summer. It took a while but we finally found them. His wife has 39 cats, which is kinda gross!

On Friday we went up to the temple with the Millers and stopped by a few of the less active members that live a long ways away that we don't usually get the chance to see on the way. Both the members said that they don't want to be part of the church anymore and want their records removed. It's kinda funny, since I've been in Wellsville, the branch has gone down probably ten people because we keep finding people who don't want anything to do with the church anymore. It's sad, but we can't force them to stay a part of a church they don't want to be in. So, on the way to the temple we stopped at this restaurant in Rochester called Crab Shack. It was voted best seafood place in Rochester. Dad you would probably like it. Then we went to the temple and did an endowment session and I was able to turn in some names that I found during family history nights when I was back in Springville. I also noticed that there were a bunch of possible duplicates on family search, so maybe you guys could see what was going on with that?

This Sunday we had church and some people from the temple presidency came and spoke and they were great speakers! Also some members from the Warsaw Branch came to ours because they had to cancel theirs because the pipes broke at their church. Then we had our missionary correlation meeting and dinner with the Millers.

Other than that nothing to exciting going on.

Love ya!

Response To Dad:

I heard Niagara Falls is pretty cool right now. Hopefully I get transferred to Buffalo some time so I can go and see it. I heard it looks a lot cooler from the Canada side but I can't go over there because it's out of the mission and I don't have a passport with me. I got to go to the temple this week again, which was cool. I've seen all of the films now. I guess everyone was talking about temples yesterday. We had some one from the temple presidency and his wife come and speak. They were in the Oakland, California temple visitors center on a mission then they immediately got called to here to be in this temple presidency. They've been home for one week in the last five years because of calls to serve. 

Snow caving sounds fun! If you want some snow we've got tons for ya. 

Love ya 

 A little snow here in Wellsville

Pictures of the Wellsville apartment

The finished product

Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16th, 2015

Hey this week was pretty normal except for a few things. We had interviews with president in Hornell on Tuesday, so I got to talk with him for a while and with AP’s, which was good!

Then, Tuesday night we had institute finally at Alfred. There's only six girls that come but when we were on campus trying to find this kid that is a member that moved to Alfred, we found him and then his residence assistant person came and was talking to me and turns out she went to church until she was twelve but she's not interested at all about coming back. Then, kind of weird she invited is to his campus wide yoga thing but I figured I didn't want to go and do yoga in dress clothes. We've gone tracting a couple of times no success though.

We also had zone meeting in Canandaigua on Thursday and that was pretty good. There's a ton of new people on the zone that got here last transfer. It has snowed a couple of days here and president told me to go and shovel snow for random people to see if anything comes of it and I tried to get Elder Christensen to go but he wouldn't. Then, for the past couple days it's been super cold, highs are below zero and it's usually pretty windy so with wind chill it's well below -20 so we aren't supposed to go outside so it's been pretty boring. You can get frostbite after ten minutes when it's that cold so nothing much you can do about it. They even cancelled church for a bunch of branches and wards because of the cold. So for church we just went to the Millers and had lunch and listened to some talks and Elder Miller gave his priesthood lesson he prepared. That's pretty much it!

Love ya!

It looks nice, but it is -21 degrees! Too cold to go outside.

 Puzzle sent from mom to work on.

Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9th, 2015

This week has been ok, nothing too exciting except for more snow. The week was pretty slow. We've run out of less actives to visit and there's only three I think that we can maybe get back active eventually. We went tracking in Alfred in the nicer neighborhoods to try and find some new people to teach but no one really too interested.

I went on exchanges this week over to Bath with Elder Houghton and that was good we got a lot of stuff done that day. We went and helped a guy finish his basement in the morning so it kind of reminded me of working with dad again! Then we went to the car dealership to get their car looked at and we were able to talk to a guy there and give away a Book of Mormon. We also went to a Book of Mormon class that they have at their branch and helped teach/ participate in that. We were also able to work with a couple of less actives there and they said they want to come back to church so that's awesome. We had a meal appointment with the Herringtons at this little diner and had a fish fry Friday, which is really popular here in NY. Other than that nothing too exciting or interesting going on. We need to find something more effective because nothing is working right now. I hope the weather over there gets better so you can get some moisture. You can take some of mine if you want!

People here only have one calling. There are just a bunch of unfilled spots. No young men's or women's, no high priests, one elders quorum president, no counselors, no gospel principles, no home teachers, no branch mission leader, etc... So, not even all of these people have callings.

That's cool you are going on a family cruise! I wish I could go. Where does it go?

We aren't doing much for p-day just hanging out at the church. I convinced Elder Christensen to go to Alfred university and to go and play basketball there tonight in their rec facility to see if we can meet some more people so that should be fun!

Love ya, 

 Elder Daugs 

Hornell Branch President ( check out his shoes!)

Weight lifting during the spare time.

Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2nd, 2015

                                                                                               February 2nd, 2015

This week was ok kind of boring, not much going on down in Wellsville, so not the most exciting time! We had transfers as you know so there are a couple new people in the district now. Elder Houghton is in the district now so that's good! We went and got a tour of Alfred State from Bridgette, one of the member students so that we can get a little more familiar with one of the campuses and can try and find more people there. I am trying to work with her too because she was only baptized a year ago and is still really new in the church and just trying to keep her strong. We're going to get a tour of the other university next week hopefully if the weather isn't too bad. We found a couple more less actives but both of them can't come to church because they don't have cars, so tough situation!

We had training with President and the AP’s on twelve week, which is the training program for the new missionaries, but the whole mission is going to do it again.

We finally got a meal appointment for next week! Some members are going to take us to a fish fry Friday, which is a big thing here in NY. Pretty much all the restaurants do it every Friday. So that will be my second meal appointment in the last two months besides the senior couple! Not much going on! Sorry! But that's cool that Malauri is moving in that should be really fun! That's cool Caitlin is leaving soon. A bunch of my friends that are girls are writing and telling me that they have mission calls now! Sounds like Avery is getting tall! I still haven't grown in height at all! I've been working out a lot every night since we have pretty much a full gym of weights just to keep sane down here!

We got some more snow today! A foot or so, so pretty fun! There's about a foot to a foot and a half of new snow, not too bad.

In New York, except for major intersections they don't have any turning lanes so they just pile all of the snow in the middle of the road so there are huge piles in the medians.

Anyways have a great week!