Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25th, 2014 ~ A week full of service!!

Hello everyone!                                                                                                            August 25th, 2014

This past week has been a pretty eventful week! We had family home evening at the Owens on Monday. Their family is awesome, and they have kids that are our age and younger, so it's kind of nice to talk to some one other than old people.

On Tuesday, we went to an investigators antique shop and he had some customers there that we're interested in hearing a message so we went to the back of the shop and taught two people a lesson right in the store. It was pretty cool! We gave them both a Book of Mormon and the one sounded like he was really interested. He said he has read the Koran? I think that's how's it's spelled. So hopefully he feels something while he reads it. We also are going back to the antique shop to teach the owner his third lesson and I feel like he is getting really close because he says our church just makes sense.

Wednesday we went to a non-members house to do service for him. He has a lot of land back in the forest with lots at barns full of old cars. He has three Porsche, a Dalorian, ford model-t, and a bunch more. So we went there and moved a whole dump truck load of dirt with shovels!! We had to move it up the hill into some terraced flowerbed things. It took five hours and I got a couple blisters and my back is so sore! But it's ok, we got to know him better and he is willing to let's us come over again.

Thursday we had district meeting, we went and visited with this really cool member named Dennis. He is a little bit autistic and he repeats himself a lot so it's kind of funny, you can always guess what he's going to say. We just go over and read through doctrine and covenants with him. He is going to the temple for the first time on he thirteenth so hopefully Elder Vickers and I will be able to go with him. Then we have a game night at the church with everyone that wants to come, members and non-members. It's usually just the people from the ages of twelve to twenty-one. We played basketball (outside since the building is so small), football, soccer, etc...

Friday we did he usual stuff, then we had a dinner appointment at the Bartz out in the farm country. We went out there and before dinner she made us clean out her chicken coups and pig pens so that was just fantastic! Sister Bartz is this little old lady on a huge farm so it's kind of hard for her to do everything. It's been a busy week!

Saturday we went to some less actives house and talked and did some service. We had to take the wood siding off of his house and burn it in this huge fire pit out back. We had a huge fire going! Also I think behind every piece of siding there were some bees, so that part wasn't very fun! Back home when you'd talk with people and then ask them if they needed any help with anything, they usually said no, but here every time we ask they say yes and it's usually this huge job! I think we already have service lined up for a couple days next week.

Sunday was branch conference and the stake presidency came and taught amazing lessons. They were such great teachers, it just goes to show that the church is true everywhere. After church we had a
pot-luck with everybody (we were trying to get more people to come to church) so that was good. Also on the way home Elder Vickers decided to crash our truck, so that was eventful!! Everybody is all right and nobody got hurt but I can't say the same for tiny Tim (our truck). He'll be all right though; he should be better in a couple of days. It's kind of hard to get around out here without a car. I'm the designated driver now so that's good. That's about it for this week!

Love y'all

Elder Daugs

Also, it was really humid here this week and a couple of the trees are
starting to turn colors in August so that's not good. That means early
winter and people have been saying that this winter is supposed to be
one of the worst ones ever so that will be something to look forward

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