Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015

Hey guys,

This week was pretty good as usual. We had a wide variety of things to do this week so that was nice!

Tuesday, we went up to Hamlin to the town hall to help them set up a community haunted house, maze, festival thing... So that was kinda fun, they just put us in the warehouse there and said you can use anything in here to make a maze, and we put up a bunch of signs and decorations and what not. It was good to get in that part of the community since we don't get there to often and now the people up there know a little bit more about those Mormon missionaries.

I was on exchanges that day with Elder Detlor also that day and that was a little different because he has a broken foot so he has crutches and can't do much with them so... I had to try and plan things we could do with one foot, and he just did the supervising for the Halloween stuff.

We visited a bunch of less actives and had the opportunity to go and gives some blessing this week and the best part is some of them came to church this week! No investigators at church but we did get less actives. We had dinner with the Wests who are super nice and feed us once a week when we are in Albion. Oh yeah and the hardest thing of the week was an older couple in the ward was cleaning out their fathers old house and there is a huge fireproof safe that weighs easily 350 lbs and they called us to move it onto their trailer and over to their house. It was sooo heavy and awkward to move! I had to do some convincing that there was NOO way that we were going to move it up into their attic where they wanted it! Haha sometimes I wonder if people think we can just do anything? So that's the miracle of the week, we move a freaking heavy fireproof safe and didn't die.

On Saturday I did a district meeting and then that afternoon the ward had a Halloween party and we dressed up as NBA players and wore jerseys. As you can tell from the pictures, I'm by far the tallest one in the district ;) haha jk! Winkler is 6', Miller is 6'3" and Bennitt is 6'8" so....

Then on Sunday we had a missionary farewell kinda... There were just a bunch of speakers who talked about how he has grown, etc... And wished him good luck. He's going to Las Vegas so it will be his first experience going to a place with a lot of members there.

That's my week! Have a fantastic week!

Love you!

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