Monday, October 12, 2015

October 13th, 2015

Hey guys this week was pretty good in some areas.

We did a lot of service moving some less active members stuff from a storage unit into her apartment. Then we helped some other old members move a bunch of stuff out of there before they put the house up for auction.

Then on Saturday we had an Elders Quorum wood splitting activity for the bishops woodpile. We go cut down trees, then split and stack it all and then anyone in the ward can use it if they need it during the winter, so that's pretty cool thing they do here to help the ward. We did that for, pretty much the whole day Saturday.

Friday was rough, every single person we tried the whole day wasn't home, except for one, and they left and they said they would be back in five minutes and they never came back so......

Then on Sunday was stake conference and they are redoing the presidency so two members of the seventy were there. One cool thing about it was they were telling us how it was done and they chose the president and they told him to pray about who his counselors should be and the seventy already had a person in mind. He came back and they all had the same name and the guy was on vacation in Arizona for the weekend, and he was going to miss the stake conference but they all got the answer that he was the one. So that was a testimony builder that God chooses his servants, not people choosing.

Then Sunday night it was Elder Workman’s birthday party and we gave him a temple made out of Mountain Dew cans because he loves Mountain Dew. And his son works for Red Bull so he likes Red Bull too and he likes the yellow one the best so we used it as an Angel Moroni.

It's pretty cool. Have a good week!

Love you!

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