Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015

Hey guys!

So this week we did all of the usual things like district meeting, visiting less actives, and our couple investigators. We weren't able to visit with Joe this week. It's kinda hard with him because he lives about 20 miles away and he doesn't have a car or a cell phone and at this time he doesn't have any power so hopefully he can get that fixed before winter hits.

We watched some more conference talks with Georgeann and reviewed them with her but she has the same situation as Joe, 20 miles away from church and no reliable way to get there.

A less active we have been working with has been coming to church for three weeks now and we saw him a couple of times this week. We went with the elders quorum president, brother Williams (who went to Utah State) to go see him. We had a lesson on the oath and covenant of the priesthood and talked about him advancing in the priesthood. So this Sunday he passed the sacrament with us, which was a big step for him!

One kind of weird thing this week, was a member called us and wanted us to come to their house on Halloween and sit on the porch and hand out candy so they could stay inside and throw a party. She wasn't going to let us go to the party just sit in the cold and hand out candy so we only did it for half an hour and then we told her we had to go. It's amazing how much some people use missionaries.

So we weren't allowed to be out after 5:30 on Halloween so a bunch of the missionaries and kids from the ghetto met in Greece and played basketball. It was a pretty fun night! Anyways that's pretty much all of it! Have a good week!

Love you!

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