Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Oct. 20, 2015

Hey guys, this week was pretty good. We had quite a few lessons with investigators and less-actives this week. We were suppose to have a lot of both of them at sacrament meeting this week but only two less actives showed up but that is good regardless.

We have been watching the conference talks on our iPads win a lot of the less actives since they haven't seen them yet so we usually go watch a talk or two then talk with them about how it applies to them and there was a lot of good ones from this last conference.

We did the usual, senior center and food pantry service. We had zone meeting on Thursday in Batavia and that was pretty good. We had some training and it was great to be around the other elders and then we had minute to win it competitions.

It has been really pretty here with the leaves lately and it was just
a little cooler but then Saturday night on the way home it started to
snow! So winter is almost here I guess already which I am not looking
forward to! Only one more winter though so hopefully it's not too bad. I have been hearing people say that it's supposed to be more mild than last year and worse than last year so pretty much what they are saying is they don't know crap about the weather they just know it's going to be cold.

We are having some ward Halloween activities coming up soon so hopefully we can get some people to those. The sister missionary who is sick is still staying across the street with the Workman’s, so we visited her a couple of times, took the sacrament to her yesterday, etc... She's getting better though. Anyways that’s pretty much it!

Have a good week!

Love you!

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