Thursday, July 30, 2015


It's official! It has been one full year since we sent our missionary off! We all gave him one last hug and wished him well. I can't wait to hug him again!! I miss him! He is doing great serving the Lord and loves being in New York. We are looking forward to counting down the next 365 days!
We love you Elder Daugs! 

 Shari, Mary, Rachel, Miriam, Heather (Nora, Stella, Mable, Oscar), Christy, Nate, Naomi (Aleena, Bailey, Cutler), Ellie, Ada, Shay

 Grandma and Grandpa Eborn
 Jill and Bonka Don Daugs

 Ryan and Sam Eborn's Family
 Some of the awesome Israelsen Clan!
 Christy, Wyatt and Shay Daugs
 Justin and Chalisa's Family

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