Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy Fourth of July

Hey guys!

This week wasn't very eventful. It was actually kinda slow compared to the other weeks. We have done a bunch of walking around and trying to visit lots of people. But most of them weren't home and that's probably because of the holiday. Hubert the guy we have been teaching in the prison finally got out and now he is in New York City and we have been trying to get the bishop and the missionaries there to get in contact with him and help him. He problem is he doesn't have very much stuff right now since he just got out. But we have been able to call him once.

We had dinner with some members on Friday and their son just got back from his mission and we were talking and he was the zone leader for Denton Grange in Reynosa Mexico. It's a small world when you are a Mormon! We also had dinner with one sister in our ward and her husband isn't a member and he is the head guy that is in charge of the Erie Canal. All the way from Buffalo to the other side of New York. He is really cool and likes us but he has no interest at all in coming to church, which is too bad.

We were able to hand out 7 more Book of Mormons this week and we are preparing to take some investigators to pageant this weekend and the next so hopefully everything works out so we can.

We went to some member’s house that lives on the lake up above Hilton for the Fourth of July. We just dipped our feet in the water since we aren't allowed to swim. It was pretty nice and got to spend time with all of the members. There were also some fireworks right across from our apartments at night so we got to see those. But little fireworks that you do on your own are illegal in Monroe county.

We also did the usual stuff like he senior center, and the clothing shelf and our meetings. Church was awesome yesterday too! We had the combined third hour like I'm sure you did and it was really good discussion. We ended up going about 15 over with church. Also one of the cool things I got to do this week was go up into the tower of the lift bridge on Park Ave. and they showed us how the bridge worked then a boat came so we got to see it in operation.

Hope you have a great week!

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