Monday, July 13, 2015

Hill Cumorah Pageant

Hey guys!

This week we have done quite a bit of community service, which is good because then we get to talk with a bunch of people and to get to know the people from the other churches. So helped at the food pantry giving out food donations. We helped at the book sale at the Episcopal Church. We also helped at a dinner serving food at the Episcopal Church.

We had all of the usual things during the week. Walking around a lot trying to tell people about the pageant and trying to give out some Book of Mormon. We had a good lesson with Joseph and Brother Warren came with is to the lesson. We taught about the word of wisdom and he wants to change and quit smoking himself even before we gave the lesson so hopefully he will be able to do it.

We also finally got in with this one family and they want to meet again and they want to go to pageant but they don't have a car so we will have to try and figure out a way to get them there. Joseph also wants to go but he doesn't have a car either. The best part of the week was going to pageant! It was an awesome show and lots of fun. It's surprising all of the people you meet there. I met lots of people from Utah, California, Arizona, etc... And I ran into Elder Wick of the Seventy and got to talk with him for a little bit. He gave a conference talk a couple of years ago. It was a big endeavor though to go to pageant. It starts at nine so you have to leave to get there and get a seat by 6:30 then you don't get home until after midnight. So it makes for a long day. I hope to go a couple more times with investigators if we can figure out all of the rides situation.

Transfer calls were this morning and I'm staying the same so I'll be in Brockport for at least 6 months.

Have a great week!
Love ya! 

Now that's a slice of pizza!

District Meeting
Hill Cumorah Pageant  
Cast members of the Pageant


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  2. Love the pictures, glad to see them, looks like a very special pageant, all the set look wonderful. Sp glad he is able to see this.

  3. Saw the pageant when I was 23...great experience!