Monday, June 29, 2015

Funnest p-day ever!

So first, last p-day was the funnest p-day of the mission so far! We played football, basketball, slack line, etc.. in Batavia with most of the zone. I will send pictures.

Then on Tuesday Elder Boatman came here to Brockport and we had so much fun! He is one of my favorite missionaries. We handed out 10 Book of Mormons that day, so a pretty good day.

Then, we had a meeting to train us on the iPad's so we will be getting Facebook back soon. I went on exchanges with Elder Coffey here in Brockport. We went to the prison and it was the last time because he gets out on Friday and he has really changed. He is going to fast for the last few days he is in there and he is hoping to stay on he right path.

Then, on Sunday I got to speak again for the third time in this ward! It was a pretty good week.

My last email deleted itself so I don't feel like typing another long one sorry!

Have a great week!

Love, Elder Daugs

Having a great p-day with the boys!

 Mission cars?  No!  Just Dreamin'! 

 Finished maze that Avery made for Addison

 Handing out a lot of Book of Mormons!

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