Monday, June 1, 2015

Transfer Calls~ Staying and made District Leader

Hey everyone!

Good week this week! For p-day we went and got frogs again just because some of the elders don't like basketball. Elder Haws and I love it though so that's what we are doing this week. We also had a Memorial Day picnic for the ward at a park. We made some cookies and apple crisp for the young women to auction off for a fundraiser. We also cooked some of our bear meat for the ward to try.

This week we did a ton of walking! We found a couple new investigators and we handed outa bunch of Hill Cumorah Pageant cards so hopefully they turn into something good. On day we didn't drive at all to save miles so we walked all of the way from our apartment to state street, then back to the apartment, then all of the way to Donielle Circle in Clarkson just to have a lady drop us! At least it was only 90 degrees though. Then we called Korey for a ride home and he got us ice cream so that's was good. 

The good part was Lauren the college girl who moved back to Long Island, texted us and told is that she was at a Yankees game and she saw some missionaries, then while we were walking we ran into her sister five minutes after she texted us! It's a sign!! She needs to join the church.

We went on exchanges twice this week and I went to Spencerport both times with Elder Coffey and Elder Haws! Both are awesome and we had lots of fun and miracles! We handed out 4 Book of Mormon the one day and got a couple new investigators! We found some Kingdom Builders in this huge rich neighborhood in North Chili!

The zone leaders came and did a training on Friday. Lee came to church this week with his girlfriend and they both enjoyed it. We are going to have some lessons with both of them and we are going to the sites on June 20th and to pageant with them. She is visiting from Georgia for eight weeks so hopefully we can send her back as a Mormon. ;)

The big news this week was transfers. We got calls this morning and I am staying! I'm the new district leader; my companion is Elder Ahola from Finland! Elder Gubler is going to Irondequoit and Elder Haws is going to Buffalo YSA to be a zone leader.

Well that's pretty much it for the week!

Love you!

To Mom:

That's good that Avery is going running and that you are going too!

Good for Ada going to the temple. Does Avery go too? He should. When I get home I'm going to go on lots of trips and visit every temple with some friends I've decided.

I'm doing good on money and food. It depends on how busy people are but they are pretty good with feeding us. There are a couple families who we can just call and hey will feed us. I don't need another package just yet I did think of something for later though you could send. Thanks for the honey stuff that was my favorite part. I didn't know how to use the creamed honey, but I found out that it's really good on pretzel sticks. I found some cox honey in Spencerport’s Apartment on exchanges this week. It's pretty cool that it's from our ward and in New York.

I did catch more frogs and a milk snake! It was pretty cool. It looks just like a coral snake! Love you!

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