Monday, May 25, 2015

Frogs for dinner?

Hey guys!

Nothing too exciting this week. First off I don't know if I told you but we found that tennis girl from the clothing closet and her name is Lauren. So we went and taught her and her sister about the restoration and they are really cool and interested in learning, but.... The moved back to Long Island yesterday. So I really need Facebook back so I can teach her that way then refer her to those missionaries.

Then some more bad news is we lost Vlad. Literally. He's not home; he doesn't have a phone or a car. He was progressing pretty good and he came to church twice but now he is lost. He went to Rochester on Monday with his friend and never came back. So, we still need to find him. If you see a bald Ukrainian guy let me know.

We did a lot of tracking this week trying to find some more people to teach. Nothing too promising. We did find a guy who came out and wanted to talk with us and learn more and we were able to teach him the restoration but he lives in Maryland.

We went and had dinner at Elizabeth's house with her family this week. We had interviews with president and the Aps this week at our apartment because they are re doing the floors in the gym at the church and it stinks right now. So that was good to talk with them.

We went to the United Methodist church and taught the youth and some others about our beliefs and our church. We stole a bunch of pictures from the library so it was a good presentation that they all liked. We had pictures of all of the temples, general authorities, etc...

One morning we went bike riding with a lady from our ward. She's blind so I rode a tandem bike while Elder Gubler rode another bike behind. We rode all the way from ridge road to the canal and Redman road then along the canal to county line road and back so it was quite a ways to pull her along. Still fun though.

Last night we went to the stake center to a fireside of Daniel Rona. It was really good!
I'll send you CDs of it sometime. Anyways that's pretty much all.

Love ya!

To Dad:
NY weather is pretty crazy! I found a bike shop but they only have a couple cool bikes and no trails. We went frog digging last p-day. It was pretty fun! I'm not very good at cooking them though. We are going to try again this p-day. I will send pictures. We also caught a mini turtle, and a snapping turtle! A huge snake went across my foot but I didn't know what kind it was so we didn't chase it. I don't know if they have poison snakes here. I will send pictures.

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