Monday, June 8, 2015

First Week with my New Companion~ Elder Ahola

Hello guys! 

So, on Tuesday we drove to Pittsford for transfers and I got my new companion. His name is elder Ahola and he is from Finland. He speaks perfect English though so no cool accent. He has only been
out for 4 months so he's pretty new still but he is an older missionary. He's almost 24 and he's already done with college and has his bachelor’s degree.

This week was good. We met with Elizabeth the investigator in our apartments a couple of times this week but it's kind of hard since her kids are pretty distracting to have good lesson. She has obligations in her church so she can't come to ours but during the summer she doesn't have to do them so hopefully we will be able to get her to come to see how great ours is. 

We had a couple of lessons with Jim from the gift store on Main Street and he really isn't progressing that well. He only reads the Book of Mormon to try and see the faults in it. Which there are none. We taught Lee and his girlfriend Mary Jane this week and hey had lots of great questions and are both progressing good. They are planning on going to the sights with us on June 20 and they are super excited! 

I had a meeting with president, the AP’s and the new district leaders in the zone this week.  It's always great to see then and to learn and to feel the spirit of those around you. We have been handing out tons of Hill Cumorah cards for the pageant coming up in July and it has lead to a couple new investigators. The problem is every new investigator I find is a college student who is going to be moving soon! 

We helped a less active family move into our ward from Greece one day and hopefully they will have a desire to come to church especially since they love about a half a mile away! 

We visited a bunch of less actives and a couple came to church this week. We haven't done much tracking this week but lots of street contacting. Most days we will just walk down the canal and talk to all of the people for a couple of hours. 

We had district meeting this Saturday. Zone conference is coming up next week in Batavia. We had church and all of our normal meetings. Today, I think we are going to go to Greece with the Spencerport Elders and do something? I don't know yet though. 

Pretty good week though! Hope you have a great week!

Love ya!

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