Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

This week was good as usual!

So Monday, we went to Greece for p-day and played basketball.
Tuesday, we had zone conference in Batavia and it was awesome!! I think we for sure have the best zone around! The mission set a goal to pass out 1000 Book of Mormon in the next three months and our zone set the same goal of 1000! It was great to have all of the trainings and to be with the other missionaries and president and his wife! I think it was probably the most spiritual meeting of my mission so far!

Then we had dinner at this place in Batavia called Big Paulys and tons of famous people have been there so it was cool to see all of the pictures on the wall.

Wednesday, we went to the senior center and I finished the hat finally!!

Thursday, we had a stake priesthood meeting on the Hill Cumorah so that was a once in a lifetime opportunity! Really cool!! And a couple of guys from our ward were advanced to the Melchizedek Priesthood that are either recent converts or preparing to go on a mission.

We have done lots of finding this week trying to hand out Book of Mormon. We usually just walk down Main Street, cross the bridge, walk down the canal and then back up Main Street for a couple of hours every day. We got six new investigators this week and handed out 14 Book of Mormons! So a pretty good week!

Saturday, we want to the prison and that was quite an experience!
Everyone was talking about he two prisoners who escaped, then the best part.... When we're going in I went through all of the safety things, metal detector, etc... Then they pulled me down this long hallway by myself to a room and did a "random" narcotics check! So they had to check all of my clothing, hands, feet, arms, etc.. Just to make sure that the Mormon missionary wasn't carrying any weed or crack?!

Quite the experience!

Today we have the whole zone in Brockport and we are going to play ball so it's going to be great!!!

The rain comes down pretty hard.  This is from the car to the apartment!  

Bulletins, letters, doodles, mazes, etc. that the family sends him.

Finished the hat!! Pretty cool!

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