Monday, December 15, 2014

Moving to Wellsville! ~ Transfer day!

Hey everyone!                                                                                             December 15, 2014

So, this week was an awesome week! Monday we went to the Owens and did the usual stuff, which is always great! The rest of the week we did the usual stuff but I don't remember any specifics. Friday, we went to zone meeting in Orchard Park and learned some new things, played some games and made Christmas ornaments, etc...

Saturday was my favorite day! Lynette went to the temple to get her endowments and the Owens took us with them. We went to the temple, which was awesome! I had been praying about something in my patriarchal blessing for a couple weeks and it was answered right before the session started so that was great!! Gave me a little clarity about things in the future but not much, I'm still confused but it will come eventually!

Then, we went to the bookstore then to Cici's pizza then home. But the drive all of the way there and back went by so fast so it wasn't even bad!
The Owens make it fun! Then on Sunday we had usual meetings then we went to a stake Christmas concert thing in Amherst. Each branch or ward had to do a musical number so Lynette asked if we could help sing, which I don't know if that was the best idea! Anyways, that was fun!

This morning we got transfer calls and I'm going to Wellsville with Elder Christensen! So that will be great! I'm glad that I get to go to a new area but I'm going to miss the people here! Especially the Owens!!! I've really come to love them but I'm sure we'll keep in contact! Sandra will probably still keep in contact with you too mom. I don't know if I'll meet another family like them on my mission but I'm grateful I got to start my mission here and get to know them! They will be missed along with the other members of the branch!

Wellsville will be a great area! I'll be sure to try and take some pictures for you mom! Sandra might have to take some and send them to you though because I'm not so good at sending pictures home! Well have a great week and my new address is 19 Pine St. Apt 3 Wellsville NY

Love ya!

Elder Daugs

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