Monday, December 22, 2014

First week in Wellsville

Hey guys!                                                                                                         December 22nd, 2014

This week was a crazy week! But awesome at the same time!

So, Monday morning we got transfer calls so I packed and got all my stuff ready to go. Then I went to the Owens for the last time in a while which was great as usual! They do this special thing when the missionaries leave the area.

Tuesday was transfers so we drove up to transfer meeting in Pittsford. There were lots of missionaries going home so it took a while to go through all of heir testimonies and the new missionaries got their trainers. Then on the way home to Wellsville we rode with the Hornell Elders and we stopped at Nick Tahoes and got a garbage plate! Which doesn't sound that good but I really like them! Then the rest of the week I can't remember the separate days but we taught a couple lessons throughout the week. We went to a choir concert at the school to support one of the members. Also we got a call from the craziest guy on this planet! We talked to him a couple times but just a short summary he said he has trillions of dollars worth of inventions and patents that he wants to give to the church so we can build this temple that was designed by Joseph Stalin! This temple will be in Kansas City and it will be protected by lightning and tornadoes. He has worked on designing things for the army including submarines, helicopters, etc... He has this mob and the masons who are after him and trying to steal his stuff from this vault he has at his house. He is also a world-class chef apparently. And by building his temple he is going to solve world peace and improve our relationship with Russia etc... Also all of his inventions are mostly weapons and torture devices made out of PVC pipe like bows and arrows and flogging poles! So, obviously worth trillions of dollars!  He said he wanted to meet with us and he would bow down to authority but we decided that probably wouldn't be safe so we didn't. Anyways, that was crazy and I'm not even making this crap up!

We had district meeting this week and our district is huge! It has three sets of senior missionaries, the Hornell Elders that are a trio, us, Bath Elders, and the Dansville Sisters. So, that’s awesome! We had a branch Christmas party which was good so I could get to meet some of the members. Then the big thing for this week was we had a baptism on Sunday after church! So for a big part of his week we were planning for this baptism, which was a lot more work than I would've thought! I love Wellsville so far! The senior couple here is awesome and is really going to help this area. The area is progressing good and we are going to get a ton of work done! And Elder Christensen is awesome!

Wellsville is smaller than Springville but it is the biggest area in the mission. There isn't much for restaurants here though. The Millers who are the senior couple are feeding us on Christmas. We get to watch a PG rated movie on Christmas too. We can Skype anytime pretty much so whenever works for you and you have to remember the time difference.

Well that's pretty much it!

Love, Elder Daugs

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