Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8th, 2014 ~ Surprise!

Hey everyone!                                                                                                     December 8, 2014

This week was pretty much like all the others. We had FHE at the Owens, which was fun as usual! Then the rest of the week was a blur. We did a lot of
tracking and found a couple more potentials. One let us in because she saw us at the trading post where we volunteer at, so it’ s good to see that all of that work there has finally led to something because I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have let us in if we had just knocked on her door and she didn't know us.

We have been teaching a new investigator who is seventh day Adventist which is really interesting! It's super hard to teach them and they have a lot
of weird beliefs but they're the most progressing investigators that we have. On day we were over there and her daughter got out her laptop and started finding all this false doctrine stuff so the whole hour was just resolving those issues! We've been sharing the "He is the gift" messages when we go tracking and I've figured out that if people don't want to listen it doesn't matter if we talk about the Book of Mormon, Christmas, or helping them do service! If their minds are set they won't change! So the he is the gift thing is good but not any more effective than any other message I think. You should've got some pass along card in the ensign this month! Be sure to give those to someone and share the video with some people!

We went on exchanges this week and Elder Cramer came over here to Springville. I like Elder Cramer; we have a lot in common and get along really well! We had a branch Christmas party on  Friday so that was good! We did service at the trading post and for Kelly.

Sunday was awesome! It was fast and testimony meeting and there were some pretty good testimonies from Sandra and Lynette. Then Jory Jensen showed up so that was awesome! That was so nice of him to drive all of the way down from Buffalo just to say hi! It was a great surprise! He got to meet some of the people from the branch then he had to go back up to his meeting so he could only stay for a little bit. What are the chances you see someone from your home ward in Utah in a small branch in western New York?!  Then that night we had the Christmas devotional. That's pretty much all. We are going to the temple this week on Saturday with the Owens because
Lynette is getting her endowments before she goes on her mission! It only took 4 1/2 months, but I finally get to go!

 Love ya!

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