Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014 Satan is hard at work!

Hey guys!                                                                                            December 1, 2014

This week was pretty good it had its goods and bads but nothing too unusual.
Monday, we did our usual p day stuff but we went to the Bakers for dinner instead of the Owens which is ok I guess. It was just he and his son because his family was out of town so not too exciting but still ok!

Tuesday, we had Zone conference up in Amherst. That was great as usual! I learned a lot on how to better improve myself and how to try and be more effective. I always love zone conference! While we were there we had to take our truck to the Nissan dealership in Orchard Park to get something fixed again! I think it was still something lingering from when it was wrecked but it was under warranty so that was good. Then we hurried back and had dinner at Kelly's. Kelly has a niece who is living with her permanently now because her living conditions weren't so great. Jim and Kelly are super nice people always thinking of others. It's funny because Jim is this guy with a big beard, ruff and tough and if you didn't know him you'd probably have a different impression but he's awesome!

Wednesday, we went to the trading post, then went tracting and tried to find more people. Then we had dinner at the Becker’s with all four missionaries, kind of an early Thanksgiving. Thus was Thanksgiving! It says in the missionary handbook that holidays are great for missionary work but not in this area! Everyone hates you if you knock on their door on a holiday! So we spent the majority of the day at the Owens, which was awesome! I love their family, they're so much fun! The food was great and there was lots of It! We ate, and played games and ate some more!

That will be a Thanksgiving I'll always remember!

Friday, we tracted some more! We found three new investigators and one said he would be baptized but we called him the next day and he said he prayed about it and God told him Joseph Smith was fake so that really sucks! Satan is working hard! We finally thought we found someone and he was asking really good questions, believed everything we taught and then changed his mind!

Then, Saturday we went and did some service for Jim then went tracting some more.

Sunday we had our usual meetings then we went to go see some new members in the branch out past Holland.  We drove all of they way out there and then she told us that she doesn't like the church anymore and she's not coming back. Then we went tracting some more and we met this really mean guy who threatened to call the cops on us and then two doors down was a state trooper and he was even meaner than the last guy! He wouldn't even shake our hand!

Surprisingly, I'm not tired of tracting yet but we're almost out of doors to knock on. Probably be finished by next week depending on our schedule. The weather has been normal, snow a couple days then get warm and melts all again! So that's my week!

Love ya!

Elder Daugs

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