Thursday, December 25, 2014

First Christmas away from home

We were excited for Christmas day so that we could Skype with Addison.  We had arranged a time to make the call for around 11:00, but then we switched it to around noon.  We talked for almost three hours.  We had time to talk with just our family, but then Rachel came to say hi, Bonka Don talked to him a bit.  Nate and Christy and kids just said hi.  We also called Benson over to chat with him for a few minutes.  It was nice to let Addison talk with more than his boring family.  ;)  We could have talked longer, but he and his companion really wanted to watch a PG movie at the church before they went to Brother and Sister Millers for Christmas dinner.  They rigged the TV and speakers at the church so that they could have a good time watching the movie.  He brought Little Caesars pizza with him to the church to warm up in the microwave.  He is doing great and was his same self. I told him that I was going to take a screen shot of him and he quickly said, "Okay, wait!" and put his iPad on the chair and ran to strike a pose.  I love that about him.  He isn't one for pictures, so he often gives us poses instead.  I use to hate that, but now, I really miss it.  When it came time to say good-bye, I really had a hard time.  I started to cry and hid myself behind Ada so that he didn't watch me cry.  He knew I was crying though and it got Ada going.  I tried to compose myself so that I could talk to him some more.  I miss him.  He opened all of his presents a few days ago.  He couldn't wait, I guess.  He did order a suit and some more pants and ties online that should be arriving soon too.  I am so grateful for technology and that it provides ways for us to communicate.  It is amazing to me that we are so blessed.  I hope I never take it for granted. We love Elder Daugs.  He says that he is doing well.  He misses being able to watch TV and he gets bored sometimes at night when they are in their apartment before bed.  But, he has a great attitude and works hard.  It was a Merry Christmas indeed.  I can't wait until Mother's Day now!  

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