Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015 ~ Geneseo

Hey guys!

So my first week in Geneseo was great! I'm liking the area so far and
being in a four person apartment is really fun! Its the only four person apartment in the whole mission so we are pretty lucky!

So, Monday we went to Greece and played some basketball and then I spend the rest of the night trying to pack all of my stuff I had accumulated over the last nine months.

Tuesday was transfer meeting and we got back to Geneseo at about 4. It's only about half an hour from Rochester, so not too far. So, everyday we walk from our apartment down to the campus and walk around there because that's really the only place people are. President wants us to go to the college for an hour a day but we can't really do any proselytizing so we just have to sit there and wait for people to come and talk to us. For the most part it doesn't really work that well but yesterday three girls came up and talked with us for a while and one of them had a friend on a mission in Brazil. So that was pretty cool.

Geneseo has a lot more hills than the rest of New York so it's nice to have a little change. We met some pretty interesting people this week too. There is one guy named Ryan and we went over to meet him for the first time and he was super high, so what was going to be a quick visit turned into him talking about random stuff for three and a half hours so it was a really interesting meeting. We also had a good lesson with a guy who has been investigating for three years but he can't come to church because of the usual car.

We had dinner at a couple of the members’ houses and so far I really like the ward members so far. On Thursday, some members had a pie night so as you imagine that was great!  Then Sunday we went to church and met more of the members. Then that night we went to a senior center in Mt. Morris with the other elders and we helped make necklaces with them then Elder Holmburg and I sang songs while the security guard played his ukulele. Then we had an hour-long discussion on the differences between our religions but it was good. 

Elder Holmburg knows sign language so I'm learning a lot of that and we were signing to each other on campus and these girls came up to us and started so sign but I didn't know enough to understand everything but we were able to talk just because she saw us signing.

And that was my week! 

Love you!

 ( College Campus)

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