Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16th, 2015~ Transfer to Geneseo

Hey guys!

So this week was pretty good and had a couple of things out of the
ordinary. So in he beginning of the week we went to this interfaith meeting with all of the pastors from Brockport. It's good to be in the community and to help around. This week we couldn't really help with much there because all they talked about was helping homeless people and child care so us as missionaries can't do much about that.

We went on exchanges again this week and and were able to have some good lessons with some less actives in Albion. One really interesting thing we did was I had to go underneath this ladies old nasty trailer home and it was full of water and mud and nasty stuff! So we were fixing a couple of things under there, wrapping the pipes for winter, etc.. But I got sooo muddy! It kinda reminded me of working with you dad!

Then Sunday, we had a member of the seventy come to church and he spoke in sacrament and he taught third hour and it was awesome! I learned so much and they all seemed to apply to me. Then third hour he talked about the new thing on same sex marriage, and sabbath day. Then the big news for the week was I'm getting transferred to Geneseo to be with Elder Lavin and I'm in a four person apartment so it should be fun!

Anyways, I have to pack so have a good week! 

Love you! 

Oh!  and I got to go to the temple on Saturday!

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