Monday, August 24, 2015

Staying Brockport for another transfer

Hey guys!

Had a pretty good week this week and it went by really fast!
So Monday since we have been handing out so many Book of Mormon in the zone, we had a zone barbecue in Batavia on Monday. We have handed out 112 in Brockport. It was super fun! We had some good lessons with a couple of people like Joseph and Lee and we were able to have Bro. Warren come to the lessons with Joseph and gave him a ride to church this Sunday so that was great! He really likes church and wants to get baptized; the only thing holding him back at this point is the word of wisdom.

We had a good lesson with Lee and we watched the blueprint of Christ's church by Tad R. Callister, which is an awesome talk. You guys should definitely watch it if you haven't! We had dinner with Bro. Arrington this week. He is the one who made the bowls with us. He is an older guys who lives alone because his wife died last year and he is super smart!! Before we ate he took us to Holley Falls which is a pretty cool little place that I guess not too many people know about.

Church was good yesterday with Joseph there and I had to play the organ for sacrament meeting. Sunday night we went to the Warrens for dinner and we had a barbecue and he used to be a head chef at a restaurant so it was super good! Today we got transfer calls and......I'm staying for another transfer! So it will be 7 1/2 months at least in Brockport. My new companion is Elder Miller! We came out together which is a little different since we are both some of the older missionaries in the mission and Elder Glenn and Jones who came out with us too are companions so it's pretty weird and uncommon but it's going to be awesome! He is one of my best friends on the mission so it's going to be a blast and all of the college kids are back for school so the town livened up and there more people to talk to! Have a great week!

Love you!

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