Monday, August 10, 2015

Making friends with the animals and trip to Palmyra Temple

Hey guys!

So this week wasn't anything out of the usually. We did a bunch of tracting, and street contacting. We had district meeting at the Workman’s house and had dinner there afterwards. We tried to teach a ton of people but most of them weren't home and even when we were tracting lots of people weren't home so I'm thinking that they are probably out on vacation for the last weeks of summer.

We were able to go to the temple on Tuesday with the Spencerport Elders and it was a great experience as usual. President was there and so were some other missionaries so it was a neat experience because the whole session was missionaries.

We did some service mowing some members’ lawns; we served dinner at the Episcopal church and various other service things. We helped the one guy in Holley pull some stumps out of his yard and then he gave us lunch so that was a plus.

Other than that it was all of the normal missionary stuff. Walking around trying to talk to people all-day and trying to give out Book of Mormons.

Hope you guys have a great week!

Love you!

He's pretty much the coolest dog ever! As soon as I sat down,  he jumped right on my lap and he wrestles with you.

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