Monday, August 17, 2015

"Arthur" ~ August 17, 2015

Hello everyone! This week was good! So just like the usual I'll just give you the highlights. We did a lot of service this week again. We moved two people out of the ward this week and this on lady from the Batavia Branch that lives in Albion called us to do service and that was a little different. All she really wanted us to do was her chores. We weeded, washed windows, and cleaned her garage so not really what missionaries are meant for but at least we still helped. We had interviews with President this week and I always love being around President. We actually got to go over a paragraph of my patriarchal blessing that I had questions about and I learned a lot from him!

The Spencerport Elders had a baptism this Saturday for a guy named Kurt but I had to be on exchanges in Batavia that day so I missed it unfortunately. I heard it was great though and now we have one more member to the ward. Exchanges we good too and I liked being in Batavia because it's a little bigger than Brockport. They have a semi pro baseball team kind of like the bees I guess and the stadium is right behind the Elders apartment so we got to watch the fireworks from the living room couch out the back doors.

We still can't get any of our investigators to come to church mainly because they all live like 20 miles away and it's hard to convince them to drive all of the way there especially when there are twenty or thirty other churches they could go to that aren't as far. We had a bible study class this week and that was good as usual. We also did the usual service at the other churches. We did he clothing shelf at the Episcopal, the food pantry at the episcopal, and served dinner at the Baptist church with the Methodist members... So kind of all mixed in here.

Everyone in the community knows me now since I've been here so long. Even the Methodist pastor came right up to me and gave me a hug yesterday so it's a little weird. Too bad none of he people want to read from the Book of Mormon or anything. Yesterday was elder Ahola’s birthday and he turned 24. We went over to the Workman’s last night for it and there are some sisters staying with them for medical reasons for the past week and she needed to be by Sister Workman while she heals but they went back to their area today. So we just had a little get together thing for him.

Anyways that's pretty much it!

Love you!

"This is Arthur... Look up rescued by Christ on and it will make sense."

Elder Ahola's Birthday

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