Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015~ "I loved conference!"

This week was good! We did all of the usual things, knocking on lots
of doors, meeting with members, etc... We got one new investigator this week named Tom and he's a friend of brother McNeese, so hopefully it will work out good. He loves hunting and showing us pictures of all of the stuff he's shot and his animals downstairs. Dad you should send me some pictures of Garret's animals and stuff because he'd really like that. Also, a picture of us in Alaska with the fish and maybe the one with the big red snapper please? Thanks! Anyways nothing to exciting besides that except for conference! I loved conference! I wish they would do that every month! Sorry for the short letter, nothing to exciting except for the usual.

Anyways, love ya!

Elder Haws, Elder Fauga, Elder Gubler and myself watching conference 
at the church by ourselves.

Pictures of the apartment in Brockport!

Below are my notes from conference: 


Henry B. Eyring  

-The law of the fast - we can't reach everyone who is in need but we can observe the law of the fast in order to help those in need.

- give a generous fast offering 

- our offerings not only help the people around us but our brothers and sisters all over the world.

- I need to always remember to pay a generous fast and don't hold anything back

Boyd K. Packer

- having kids is the main part of the plan of happiness 

- having a family brings true happiness to your life and it will last for eternity 

- bridle your passions

- no scars remain on our spiritual bodies because of the atonement for when we fully repent our sins will be remembered no more 

Linda K. Burton

- message to the brethren of the church

- help create a home where the spirit of the lord can abide

- honor the priesthood 

- husband and wife help complete each other not compete with each other

- praise your husband or wife

- choose to be happy rather than be right

- try to be perfect men and women like the savior

- lift each other do not tear down 

Dallin H. Oaks

- what we must do to reform our personal lives to prepare us to go to our heavenly home

- what do we do with our lives as we follow the savior’s teachings?

- we need to be rooted in the word so when opposition arises we will not be scorched 

- remain focused on the sacrament!

- we are all tempted by materialism 

- the root of all evil is not money but the love of money

- do not put the cares of this world above God; don't let the cares of his world choke out the word of God 

- be willing to affend, to take a risk, etc...

- make it a priority to really live what we claim to believe in everything that we do

- have a honest and good heart, do not let it harden

- be firmly rooted and converted.

L. Whitney Clayton

- have a desire to believe, choose to believe 

- it is a personal choice to take action

- everyday we face tests and we need to choose to follow Christ 

- keep walking towards Christ no matter what the situation 

- God does not force us to believe but invites us to

- do not give up EVER

L. Tom Perry

- The importance of marriage between a man and a woman 

- how do we distinguish ourselves from the rest of the world

- only we have the eternal perspective of be restored gospel

- families will go on through eternity 

- we believe in premortal life

- we believe families are the basic unit of eternity and the kingdom of God

- heaven will be built around family

- family lifestyle is the most economical, sensible, and enjoyable way to live

- people are better of when surrounded by commitments made by own personal choice

- we want our voice to be heard sustaining the joy and fulfillment that traditional families brings

- be a light upon a hill

- family is the key to happiness and to life here and in the eternities 

David A. Bednar

- knowledge of the lord can dispell fear and biting peace

- Jesus Christ is the only source of peace

- peace allows us to view life in the way of eternity 

- look to Christ, build upon foundation of Christ, press forward with faith in Christ 

- "look unto me in every thought, doubt not, fear not"

- cheerfully persevere 

- godly fear is good- the beginning of knowledge, a strong confidence

- keep his commandments 

- godly fear dispels mortal fears

- godly fear is loving and trusting in him, having a perfect love, and perfect love casteth out all fear

D. Todd Christofferson

- atonement saves us from the fall and our sins 

- we must be spiritually re born

- nothing is more important than physical birth and spiritual rebirth in order to attain eternal life

- family is he best environment to learn for a successful mortal life and eternal life in the future 

- families are a creation of God 

- we cannot change the way of family and holy matrimony, because it is of God 

- families should not be put behind careers, etc...

- families are essential!

- no one is predestined to receive less than all Heavenly Father has in store for us

Wilford W. Andersen

- we have to come to feel the spirit

- we need to teach our children the ways of the gospel and get them to feel it and love it

- keep our lives in tune with the spiritual frequency exactly 

- always have the music of the gospel in our lives

- tune our hearts to the music of the gospel

- persuasion, long suffering, gentleness, meekness, love unfeigned, kindness

- if you aren't hearing the music of the gospel in your home....keep practicing 

Dale G. Renlund  

- we can be perfected by relying on Christ

- God cares a lot more about who we are and who we will become than who we once were

- if we turn from sin... We shall surly live

- 'twas I but tis not I

- gods desire is that we keep on trying

- compared to God all of us aren't that different 

- if we don't try we are latter day sinners, quitters, and hypocrites not Latter Day Saints 

Michael T. Ringwood 

- do things for rights sake not for power, positions, or callings

- be more anxious to serve than to have dominion 

- callings come and go but we need to consistently serve and uplift others

- don't be motivated by title or power.

- do more than your calling calls for

- the service that counts most is usually recognized by God alone

- please our father

- shilblons great example

Quentin L. Cook

- when we follow the son of God we flourish- like a sunflower following the sun

- we can thrive and bloom if we are rooted in the savior

- faithfully have family prayer, FHE, scripture study, priesthood blessings, etc.. We will be blessed.

- if all of us are converted there will be no contention, because we will all have the love of God

- we must have hearts knot in unity and love

- be united in the culture, customs of the gospel

- the church has never been stronger!

- we reach out to everyone

M. Russell Ballard 

- do you search the scriptures regularly 

- do you pray morning and night

- do you pay fast offerings

- do you think of the savior when participating in the sacrament?

- are you carful with you time?

- do you avoid pornography?

- do you attend all church meetings and keep the sabbath day holy

- use the skills you use on your mission to bless one around you after your mission

- continue to find ways to learn, grow and receive inspiration from he Holy Ghost 

- attend institute

- need to date and marry

- prepare to marry, serve, and lead for the days ahead 

Ulysses Soares

- do not loose sight of our eternal inheritance 

- we are in a battle that we can and will win

- we need to all be like Moroni 

- be strong and of a good courage 

- the adversary can only have power over us if we allow it

- put all of our faith and trust in the lord with a sincere heart

- defend truth only by bearing testimony and using the Holy Ghost

- Align your testimony with the truth

Larry M. Gibson

- develop a clear vision of our eternal destiny 

- look at everything with an eternal perspective 

- one of our most sacred priesthood duties is to be a father

- be an example to your sons 

- do they know how much you cherish their mother and them?

- learn to preside over a home and a family

- do you sons see you striving to do what your Heavenly Father would want them to do?

- apply section 20 of DC to your family

Dieter F. Uchtdorf 

- be the same inside as you appear outside 

- be careful about appearing better than you are

- what is our ministry?

- set righteous goals

- what is he condition of our heart?

- be a committed disciple of Jesus Christ - don't practice artificial discipleship 

- have righteous desires, ex. Why do I go to church?

- mature spiritually by applying gospel principles day by day

- God can make us in to mighty spiritual people that we desire to be

- remember God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble

- resist the temptation to draw attention to ourselves 

Henry B. Eyring 

- we all need to know what God wants us to do and say 

- seek to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost so we can see revelation 

- pray often and regularly 

- learn how to shut out the distractions so we can receive revelation 

- human judgment and good intentions are not good enough

- always plead with God that he will bless you with his spirit 

- We are to be part of the warning voice of the lord as priesthood holders

- we are rewarded for now we served

- pray with faith and humility

Thomas S. Monson 

- blessings of the priesthood are so great

- we have been entrusted with one of the most precious gifts of all mankind - the priesthood 

- remain worthy of the priesthood

- let god direct us

 Thomas S. Monson 

- 3 new temples

- there is peace found in the temple

- go to the temple to seek comfort and help

- prayers can be answered!

 - seek to be the answer to someone's prayers

- the lessons of the temple are priceless

- have the spirit of temple worship

Rosemary W. Wixom 

- pray for light

- the path might not always be so clear

- we don't need to have clarity in all things before we know of things

- seek to make our children have a desire for temple marriages

- believe that God has all wisdom and power both in heaven and in earth

- answers come when we earnestly seek and when we live the commandments

- the answers come in quiet simple assurances

Jose A. Teixeira

- we need the resources we have to come closer to Christ 

- the more we recognize Christ in our live the more conscious we will be of our purpose here

- the more we deepen our knowledge in the savior the more we will want to have joy

- used technology wisely and for righteousness 

- visit the church's websites regularly during the week

- subscribe to churches official social networks 

- make time to set aside your electronic devices

- life is not confined to a four-inch screen

Gerald Causse

- marvelous work and a wonder 

- recognize gods hand on our lives and in everything around us

- don't become insensitive to the marvelous things going on around us

- don't forget the signs and wonders, which we have seen

- stay converted

- never tire of discovering or rediscovering special knowledge 

- hunger and thirst after special knowledge every day

- anchor your faith in the plain and simple truths of the gospel

- don't take things for granted

- seek and desire the companionship of the Holy Ghost

- never do anything to loose the gift of the companionship of the Holy Ghost

Brent H. Nielson 

- prodigal son

- show our love for those who are lost

- let others know of our love for them

- leave the 90 and 9 and go after the 1

- be patient with those who are lost

- after all that we can do the lords hand will be revealed 

- all of us fall short of the glory of the father and we are all the prodigal son

Jeffery R. Holland

- we should always remember our savior Jesus Christ

- we cannot fully comprehend the atonement of Jesus Christ without the knowledge of Adam and Eve 

- all things have been done in the wisdom of God 

- Jesus is the savior of the world!

- the resurrection and the atonement is the most precious gift we can ever have

- always remember and thank him for what he has done 

Dieter F. Uchtdorf 

- the most glorious day in the world is Easter, when everyone's lives changed 

- gods loves us deeply, perfectly, and everlastingly 

- we should know of gods grace if we intend to inherit what he has in store for us

- grace unlocks the gates of heaven 

- we can not earn our way into heaven

- the grace of God is our hope

- our father’s aim is much higher and through grace we can become like him

- grace leads to heights we can scarcely comprehend

- we must have a desire to change

- grace opens the windows of heaven

- God gives us blessings and strength that allows us to accomplish things that we otherwise could not

- weak things can become strong 

- grace helps us become our best selves 

- do we understand our indebtedness to God?

- do we plead for gods grace and mercy?

- we obey the commandments of God out of a love for him

- discipleship refines us

- enlightenment comes when we obey the father

- we are saved by grace after all we can do

- we must have broken hearts and contrite spirits

- see with new eyes and a new heart the eternal significance of the atonement 

Robert D. Hales

- we need to know the official doctrine of the church so when winds come we can't be blown around

- it is not to late to make the choice to follow Christ 

- we have to faithfully use our agency

- four corner stones of religious freedom

- 1 freedom to believe

- do not criticize others beliefs

- 2 freedom to share our faith with others

- both with our family and others

- 3 freedom to form a religious organization 

- 4 freedom to live our faith

- let our light shine before men

- we have a responsibility to work together and raise our voice for what we know to be right

- work to protect religious freedom 

- how we love our religion is far more important than what we say about our religion 

- don't

Kevin W. Pearson

- Satan’s most powerful tools are distraction and deception 

- enduring to the end is constantly coming into Christ and becoming perfected in him

- 1 don't forget to pray

- ask our father what would you have me do

- 2 come into Christ and be perfected in him

- 3 press forward with faith 

- obedience builds faith in Christ 

- 4 the Book of Mormon is key to spiritual survival 

- don't let things you don't understand unravel the things you do know 

- 5 don't be distracted

- only the savior has the words of eternal life, everything else is just words

- 6 stay by the tree

- do things to bring about deepening conversion 

- if you loose the spirit you are lost

- build your life upon covenants you've made

- average is the enemy of excellence 

- enduring to the end is the great test of discipleship 

Rafael E. Pino

- understanding the plan with help people keep commitments 

- keep an eternal perspective 

- try to keep the final result in mind.

- don't make decisions of eternal value with a mortal perspective 

- don't make decisions that aren't in harmony with the will of God

- do not have the perspective of Laman and Lemuel 

- God thoughts are higher than our thoughts 

Neil L. Anderson 

- if everything is going perfect for you right now....just wait

- the lord is at the helm

- keep an eternal perspective 

- the work is progressing and the church is growing

- can you see the hand of God in our own life for his hand is in all things

- God is mindful of every people

- keep the commandments and pray in faith

- open our spiritual eyes

Jorge F. Zaballos 

- seek our own salvation then the salvation of our fellow man

- excellence is within our reach 

-1 learn our duty

- live according to the lords will for us

- 2 make the decision 

- the choice is our whether we act according to our knowledge made when we keep covenants 

- honoring our commitments

- 3 act accordingly 

- the path we have chosen is narrow

- repent, be obedient

- 4 willingly accept the father’s will

- not our own desires but the fathers

- father knows best

- be responsible for our decisions 

Joseph W. Sitati 

- be fruitful 

- take upon ourselves Christ's name

- yield to the enticings of the spirit

- have charity

- become fully engaged in the work of salvation 

- we will in the lords appointed time enjoy his blessings

- don't put off marriage

- gain mastery over our own bodies

- have a vision of what you can become

- obtain gods help

Russell M. Nelson 

- is the sabbath a delight to us?

- the sabbath is gods gift to us

- spiritual and physical renewal 

- the sabbath is a constant reminder of our lord 

- have the correct attitude on the sabbath 

- ask yourself what sign do you want to give to God on the sabbath

- what activities help make the sabbath a delight?

- strengthen family ties

- quality family time

- the home is a basis of a righteous life

- study the gospel diligently 

- family history work

- not perusing your own pleasure on the sabbath 

- consecrate one day to the one who gives us life each day.

- true believers keep the sabbath day holy

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