Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 205 ~ A trip to the New York Maximum Security Prison

This week was good!                                                                          April 13, 2015

The weather is finally getting better! There were a couple of cold days and really windy days but it's getting better. It's supposed to get up to 77 today! The down side is that it is getting humid again!
So, this week I don't really remember what I did on specific days so I'll just tell you all of the things. We had a couple of good lessons with some of our investigators so hopefully that will progress. One of them named Lee, who is our most promising one, really understands everything we teach and he thinks everything is right but he has to finish the Book of Mormon first. We are planning on going to the sights with him in June so hopefully I'm still here for that. He was talking to us about something he read and how he knows that Adam and Eve's fall is essential to the plan. We didn't even talk with him about that but he gets it. He's ready to go to the temple! We did some tracting, visiting lots of people, got kicked out of a neighborhood, etc.... All of the usual stuff.

I went on exchanges with Elder Haws this week. I really like him, and we have a lot in common, he loves basketball obviously since he has a cousin who might go to the NBA, he likes mountain biking, running, etc... So we had a great time in Spencerport, and we got soaked!! We were walking for most of the day and it was pouring! And whenever a car is passing us I swear they speed up to try and splash us. 

We went to one of New York's maximum security prisons this week! That was a pretty interesting experience! If you think getting through airport security is bad try to get into a New York maximum-security prison!! We had to go through metal detectors, fill out a ton of paperwork, go through probably five walls of barbed wire fences, have secret stamps on our hand that are only seen by this one officer with this special light, huge cell doors, etc.. Then they lock you in so you can't get out! There is a member in there from down by NYC. He's this big buff Samoan guy with a beard and dreads. He a super nice guy, he just had a drug problem but he reads the Book of Mormon for an hour every day! He is the librarian for the prison and try's to stay out of trouble. All he does is eat, work out, and read. He gets out in July, so hopefully he continues to stay on the right path. 

Also, last night we went to Toms for dinner and he fed us bear and moose! It's pretty good.

Anyways, that's pretty much my week.

Love ya!

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  1. I always love to read his e-mails about his mission. I can read the growth he is having now. The trip[ to the prison, I feel is very enlightening, we need to see some of the trouble that come into peoples lives and realize our blessings and know that Heavenly Father loves us all and needs our helping hands in helping His children to know they can change and have a better life. So happy he is serving his fellow brothers & sisters, we love him and support him in all he does. He has been taught well, love you all