Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015 ~ Service Week!

Hello guys!                                                                              April 20, 2015

This week went pretty good. We didn't have as many lessons as usual because a bunch of people cancelled on us, but that's ok. We did a lot of service this week though.

Tuesday, we went with Bro. McNees to go and take down a deck from some less active's house so that took most of the day. It was hot too and I got a little sunburned. We did all of the usual stuff on Wednesday and we went to dinner at some member’s house.  He has his roof covered in solar panels. It really cool, he was showing us how it all works and he says some months he produces enough power that he gives it to the power company. Pretty cool! We also gave him a blessing because he was going into surgery the next day and he was sore for one day then he was back to normal. Also, pretty cool.

We went to the senior center and did some more knitting with the old people again. We went another day to finish the deck and the kids had a basketball hoop on the driveway so we had a dunk contest. We've been doing missionary work with the Workman’s; the new senior couple since they live right across the street. They are really fun and they have cool accents and love basketball. We tried running one morning but Elder Gubler’s knees hurt so we only made it half a mile. We started a ward basketball night and that was good. We are going to try and get the college kids to come and hopefully it will open doors and we are encouraging members to bring their friends.

Saturday, we went on exchanges and Elder Fauga came to Brockport with me. We did a community day of service at our church where all of the other churches came and we did stuff for the hospitals, made blankets, cards, cough packs, surgery dolls, etc... And that was good. Also Elder Fauga was trying to teach me Samoan, so now I know a couple of words.

Sunday, I spoke with my companion and the Elder quorum president who went to school at USU. Then we went and served food at the Baptist
Church, then we went to the clothing closet. We were helping sort clothes and hang stuff up for he community to have. It was nice. The College's girl’s tennis team was serving and they were all super nice and seemed kind of interested but the problem is we can't go onto campus to proselytize. So, we won't be able to teach them more unless they live off campus and we can find them. The town gets pretty crazy on Friday nights! All of the students are walking around the streets, drunk.

Tons of people playing beer pong in the front yard and the streets in the morning are covered in alcohol bottles. New York college town is a lot different than Utah college town. That's pretty much it.

Love ya!

Lunch in the apartment
Doing laundry

 Lunch at Burrito Fresco

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  1. Can't ask for a better experience than doing service for anyone in need. Shows the people that Mormons love everyone and will help anyone. He's a great missionary. love him lots.