Monday, April 27, 2015

April 26, 2015

First off, I forgot to tell you that transfers were last week. We're both staying the same so I didn't matter. Elder Fauga left and Elder Coffey is here with Elder Haws now, also Elder Glenn that came out with me is in my zone now. So it will be good to see some more people that I came out with. Everyone in our zone has been out less than a year.

This week we taught Jim a couple of times but he's not really progressing because he doesn't want to read the Book of Mormon because it might destroy his beliefs in the bible and he just doesn't get it.

We have done some tracting this week and handed our lots of cards and a couple of Book of Mormons. We did find one new investigator whose are going to teach next Saturday. We went round visiting lots of members. We still haven't been able to meet them all.

We didn't have a lesson with Lee this week because he had to work but he did come to church! And it was a broadcast stake conference and Elder Andersen and Hales spoke, so that was great!

We went to the prison again this week and that was pretty exciting again. He is doing good though and he only has 2 more months until he gets out. He's doing all he can to stay out of trouble, which pretty much means stay by himself. He said that even something like playing basketball can get into an argument then someone ends up getting stabbed because the prisoners have all sorts of stuff they find like nails and the make all sorts of weapons he won't even watch people play ball because he doe t want to get wrapped into something. So, he's doing good and his dad is planning on getting baptized when he gets out.  I still didn't take a picture of it yet, sorry.

We went to the senior center this week and I started making a hat so I'm slowly getting better at it.

Nothing else except long days of trying to find someone to teach.

Love ya!

Jumping over the opponent!

 Elder Daugs way to eat yellow pancakes

 Beautiful Sunset over Lake Ontario

 Getting better at knitting~ making a hat!

Making progress in Jesus The Christ by James E. Talmage

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