Monday, October 20, 2014

October 13th, 2014

Hello everyone!                                                                                          October 13th, 2014

This week hasn't been too exciting. We've volunteered at the trading post a couple times this week and we are getting to know a lot more people so that's good! Just walking around town people recognize us and come say hi, but none are really interested in being taught.

Elder Newbold from Freedom had to go home and take care of some stuff so
that was kind of a surprise. A brand new elder was emergency transferred over here so they don't know where anything is because Elder Passey just got here two weeks ago too.

We had a zone meeting on Tuesday and we got to watch the meet the Mormons movie so that was pretty cool! Hopefully people will hear about it and go see it in the
theaters and maybe be a little more interested in the church. We've been trying to find more people so we've gone tracting a couple times in Holland. We've found one guy who was a little bit interested. He took a Book of Mormon and said we could come by some time next week so hopefully that turns out well. Other than that everyone else said no and we figured out people in Holland aren't very friendly and they all seem to have really big pit bulls!! We stopped by the park to see if anyone was there that we could talk to and we found a couple guys but they didn't want to be taught so we just beat hem in basketball instead. We've taught lots of less actives this week but not too many investigators.

Elder Hamula from the seventy is coming tomorrow and we will get to meet him so that will be awesome! He spoke in general conference last week and we'll get to meet him. Some of us will have to speak but we don't know who yet so hopefully it's not me! Lots of leaves are falling out here and it's cool to drive through the country with all of the hills changing colors! I always forget to take pictures because I never think of it but I'll try and remember this week!

Sorry for the short letter but not munched happened this week!
Love you!

Elder Daugs

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