Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20th, 2014


 Hello again!                                                                                                         October 20th, 2014

This week has been pretty fun but a lot of work! Monday we went to the Owens and did the normal FHE stuff.

Tuesday Elder Hamula from the Seventy came and spoke to the mission and that was awesome!  He let us ask questions for a while and he answered them. Then he talked about some of the things that our mission could use some work on and how we can get better. So that really good, I think it made us realize where we need to improve and sort of pumped us up to try our best! So we've been working super hard this past week!

Wednesday we went to the trading post and handed out food from a food truck for a couple of hours and there was pretty much half the people of Springville there! Afterwards they had extra and they needed to get rid of it so they gave us three cases of muddy buddies Chex mix!! So, now we have over 200 bags of Chex mix! 

We found a guy there who saw a documentary on PBS about the Book of Mormon and he wants to meet with us!

Then for the next three days we taught a few less actives and then spent the rest of the time tracting! We've tracted in West Valley, Springville, and Holland! We've found ten or so potential people we can teach who let us come in or said we could come back! I don't mind tracting, I think it's kind of fun, but Elder Vickers doesn't like it. I like to get out and walk except for a couple of times. The only times I didn't like it was on Saturday for a while. It was raining really hard and I got soaked. It was pretty cold and on Sunday when we woke up it was 34 degrees. It only got up to 42 so it was pretty cold but not cold enough to put on a big coat.

So, it was a pretty good week and hopefully some of those potentials will turn out to be good and we can meet with them again! Talk to you later! Love you!

Love Elder Daugs

Chex mix

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