Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 11th~ Call from SLC Airport

Addison had stated in his previous email that he was going to be able to call between 3:00- and 6:00 a.m Monday morning from the airport.  Anxious to hear from him, I didn't sleep very much at all as I continued to look at the clock periodically.  3 o'clock came around, no call. 4' o'clock, no call. Not until 6 ' o clock did the phone ring.  I had placed the cordless phone on my night stand and there was the other phone on Ammon's night stand.  The phone rang.  Knowing it was Addison, I sat up and excitedly answered," Hi Addison!"  It was great to hear his voice.  He sounded so tired.  He had gone to bed at 11:00 and they had to get up at 2:00.  So, he was tired.  He sounded so great though.  He told us of how he was doing and mostly we asked questions that he had already answered in his emails, but we got a little more information.  We told him about what was happening around home and all the boring things that he was missing.  Ada had come in to our room and wanted to talk to Addison too. She tried about three different times, each time, she just started to cry.  She couldn't.  She misses and loves him so much.  She is really emotional.  Addison really wanted her to talk to him, but each time she tried she had to hand the phone back to me.  Avery was too sleepy, of course to join the call.  He misses and loves him too, just in a different way.

We made sure to ask what was going to happen when he got there.  They had to make a stop in Detroit first and have a two hour layover and then to Rochester where the Mission President and his wife were to pick them up.  He said that he wasn't nervous.  He was ready to get there.  The MTC was fun and he loved it, but he said that 11 days was enough.  He ate a lot and felt that he had gained weight.  He wished that he could have weighed himself but didn't have a scale.

We loved talking to him.  He already sounded like a missionary as he talked about his district, zone, branch presidents, etc.  He is so great and will do great.  We caught up on his time there for maybe a half an hour and then he said he needed to go.  At that moment, it was like t the MTC again.  I didn't want to say good-bye. I was scared to say the words and hang up the phone.  More, "I love you's" and more tears (from me).  I know he is in good hands and I was anxious to know that he was going to make it to New York and find his routine.

Me- "I love you Addison."
Addison- "Love you!"

Me- "Bye" ( sadly and with tears)
Addison- "Bye"

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