Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 31st, 2014 Letter from the MTC

Hi family

The MTC is great! I love it!  It was really fast and confusing for the first few hours, rushing me around places, picking up stuff but that was to be expected.  The MTC is a pretty big place and its still a little confusing to me.  Only half the missionary's are on this campus and the others are on another one somewhere.  There are no spanish speaking missionary's on our campus they are all on the other campus.  I've seen my friends Porter Roe and Braden Keller already so thats pretty cool.  You'll never guess who my companion is?! Its Elder Houghton! What are the chances? The only person that I would know coming in here is my companion!  The classes and meetings have been really cool and the spirit is so strong here!  There are eight of us going to the Rochester mission and we are all together at all of the classes, meetings, lunch, etc... so we are becoming really close! We've already had the opportunity to teach someone who is not a member named Chico! He is a big Italian guy and it was really cool to see how happy he got when he learned more about the gospel and what it brings.  He was worried about his baby having Adams original sin since he died before he was baptized. He was taught that his son is clean and is living with his heavenly father and that brought so much happiness to his life.  He said his heart felt like "melted butter" and me likes melted butter.  

Sorry I dont have much time to write but I'll talk to you next week!

Love Elder Daugs

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