Friday, July 25, 2014

Called to Serve! ~ Mission Call!

Below are letters that we wrote to Addison as he was in Priest Quorum at the Missionary Retreats at USU.

With the age change for missionaries that was announced in October of 2012 , Addison was excited to join with the thousand of other faithful young men and women as they submitted their applications to become a missionary.  Addison worked on preparing his papers so that when he turned 18 in March of 2014, he could send them in.  It didn't take long after his application was completed to receive his call~ a week in fact.  It was a fast return and the call that he received was welcome, inspired and right. 

On April 1st, 2014, Addison received his call. 
Dear Elder Daugs...........

 His mission consists of a great area, which includes Rochester, Buffalo, Palmyra, Hill of Cumorah, The Sacred Grove, Niagara Falls and all the wonderful places in between.

 The New York Rochester Mission wasn't where we had guessed that he would go, but as we heard him read his call, we couldn't help but be excited for him. He is going where the Lord needs him.  We have no doubt.  His call is inspired and we know that he will be an instrument in Gods Hands while he is there.  The residents in the area of the New York Rochester Mission are going to gain a wonderful individual within their midst.  We are grateful to call him our son and feel so blessed that his desire to serve the Lord, the people of New York and his family is his.  He wants to do this and knows that it is what is asked of him.  He will go and he will do!   

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