Monday, May 23, 2016

May 23, 2016

Hey guys!

This felt like a pretty packed week but I honestly can't remember all of the things that I did. I know one thing for sure is that we did a ton of tracting! One thing about this area is that there are unlimited streets to tract. So we talked to hundreds of people this week and I think three said we could maybe come by sometime so hopefully they have some potential. We ran out of empty lots to clean up for the town so we have been looking for more service to do as well. That's pretty much what every day was like... Tracting. But, during the other times we helped paint some rooms at a park down in Orchard Park, and we did a lot of stuff with the youth again this week.

On Monday, we had them come right across the street after school to the church and play basketball with us and that was a lot of fun! One of the day's, four of the youth had a track meet so a lot of the ward was there and we went to support and I think the ward really appreciates the things we are doing with their kids so that's good. We are getting really close with all of the members here.

Then on Friday, there was a stake youth activity at Orchard Park High school so we went and helped set up for that and we were able to participate a little bit as well and got to fellowship with all of the youth from the stake, playing volleyball, capture the flag, ultimate frisbee, etc...

Then on Sunday we had the usual meetings, which were really good and then we went to the Alessi's for dinner after church and then rode with them to Buffalo for a stake musical fireside. We were in the ward choir and we sang “I Know That My Redeemer Lives” and all of the other musical numbers were awesome as well! Our ward had a lot of talent there!

I've been thinking lately about why I was sent to this area and why it was my last area and I think it's because of the missionary reasons for sure but more importantly I think it was to meet the people here in this ward. I don't know why yet but I developed really close relationships with a lot of them, lots of them are from Logan and most of the youth are going to Utah State, Brother Alessi who is one of the ones I'm closer too has given me a lot of good advice about the future, school, jobs, as well as a few of the other members.

So I don't know if someday I'll work for or with one of these people, I'll be good friends with one of the youth at Utah state, or if I'll have a relationship with someone from this ward in another way but I'm fairly certain I was sent here to meet some of these members for my future so that's pretty cool!

Anyways have a great week!

Love you!

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