Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016~ Two Months Left

Hey guys!

This week was pretty good! On Tuesday we had the transfers so most of the day was spent trying to figure that out and getting people where they need to go. Then, for the last part of the day we walked around West Seneca and tried to contact some of our potentials.

As for the rest of the week of missionary work we have spent a lot of time trying to find new people to teach here in west Seneca, down over by the lake, and also in parts of Orchard Park. It's kinda what the whole district is doing right now just trying to find people to teach.

All we really had was the Mashburns, but now that they are baptized the ward had really done a good job of taking them in. So a lot of tracting has been done the past week. The bishops son had his eagle project on Friday and Saturday so we went and help with that and he had a ton of support. A big portion of the ward was there and all of the youth to help. So it was a really good activity and great opportunity to fellowship with the members some more. The youth in this ward are really fun and most of them are planning on going to Utah State after their missions. One is actually signed to play football there, so that will be cool to have that connection with them when they go there. Then we went with bishop’s home teacher to help take some stumps out of bishops yard which was a lot of help to him because he is a super busy man!

Saturday night we had stake conference and Elder Coonie of the Seventy was presiding there and we rode with the Alessi's up to that and they had to stay after for an interview so I got to have a little one on one conversation with him while they were in the interview which was really neat! 

Sunday, we had the stake conference again and there were some great talks by the stake president, Elder Coonie, the Alessi's daughter from our ward and a couple of other members from the stake but it was just a really good conference!

Also the missionaries in the stake were the choir so we got to do that. Then after conference we went to the bishops with the other missionaries and the Hughletts from the ward and had dinner and games and that was a lot of fun! He said it was a get to know the missionaries better/ family fun so that was great!

I've really got to know the members even better this last week and things are going great! Last transfer I kinda just let Elder Self do what he wanted to do because arguing wouldn't help at all but now I've got another new companion and it's nice to start doing things differently again and it seems to be going good.

Also all four of us missionaries in the ward like to play basketball so a couple mornings a week at 6 we go play at the church and the youth have seminary then so they come and played a little bit with us and today after school since it's right across the street from the church all of the youth are coming to play with us so that should be a lot of fun!

Have a great week!

Love ya!

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