Monday, May 30, 2016

Hello Summer! Great P-day (Videos Attached) He can still run.. He can still jump!

Hey guys!

This week started off awesome with p-day. We played sand volleyball and ultimate frisbee with the youth at the high school and then we were able to go to the bills stadium and get a tour of all of the facilities there because a member works there. So we got to go down on the field, walk through the tunnel, into the locker room, into the weight room, the practice field, and in the Fieldhouse with the indoor field, and offices, film rooms, etc... So that was awesome! Not very many people get that opportunity so I'm really grateful that I was able to do that.

As for missionary work this week we did a lot of tracting and looking for more service. The worst part about that was that it was in the mid to high 80s and really humid! But it was good. We were able to give out a couple of Book of Mormon this week and a few people said we could possibly come back. And one guy said we could help him put down some pavers in his yard this week so we are going to help him and hopefully it leads to something. We did some service painting again at the park in Orchard Park. We also went and found some more opportunities in Lackawanna and West Seneca. So we went to the town hall in West Seneca and asked if they had any more abandoned houses that we could help clean out for them and they say yes and that they were so grateful for what we had done already and we did a great job!

So we will have more of those to do this week and we went to the
Lackawanna town hall and it was kind of funny to see the difference of just a few miles because to get into the town hall there you have to go through security, metal detectors, and they have police at every door but they said they have some houses for us to do to. The little black lady at the desk there after we told her that we were looking for service said " Oh goodness my boss is going to loooove you!"

We met with a couple less actives and active members. We did service for one less active and he wanted to pay us but instead we shook on him coming to church. We had zone conference and the stake president came and he wants us to go and kneel in prayer will all of the active members and ask for missionary opportunities so we've been doing that with the active members. Going and teaching a lesson and then praying for missionary opportunities so hopefully they start coming soon! We had dinner with the Welkers, Robisons, Alessi's, and got to interact with quite a few other members. So that's it for my week!

 Also I had to run through a couple sprinklers this week while tracting to cool off and I almost got attacked by a raccoon throwing away the trash in the dumpster.

Have a good week!

Love you!

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