Monday, April 25, 2016

Wonderful Week with the Mashburn Family Baptisms as the Highlight!!

So, this is my second time typing this email already because it defeated it the first time so it's going to be shorter than the first time.

This week we had a ton of stuff happen and I probably won't remember everything. Some of the highlights are I found a dollar bill while clean up trash from some abandoned houses in the ghetto, they gave me free fries at five guys, I found a baseball bat and a Frisbee also while cleaning up trash, I found another dollar bill, I met a bills player when we were getting dinner late one night, the ward is awesome, and the Mashburn’s got baptized! So a pretty good week! I was pretty excited about the dollar bill thing ;) haha!

So, obviously the big thing was the baptism. That went great and everything went smoothly and they make great new additions to the ward. The ward has done a great job with fellowshipping them, they already have home teachers working with them, the daughter is going to the temple Saturday to do baptisms with the youth so everything went just how it's supposed to. We had a great turn out to the baptism as well.

We did a bunch of service this week picking up trash for the city. We
also met this cool guy who drove up in his car and asked us if we could meet with him sometime and teach him about our religion. We had dinner at the Robison’s yesterday and they are super awesome! She gave me this cool book with the outline of New York cut out of it so I'll send pictures of that. They also said you guys could stay with them if you want but it's pretty far from Palmyra and you already have a place. That was super nice of them though!

Anyways have a great week!

And sorry it's shorter because I didn't want to type it all again.

Love you!

Mashburn Family
Lake Erie
The book Sister Robison gave me
We had to take down Christmas lights but didn't have a ladder so we used a trampoline

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