Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016- Beautiful Lake Erie

Hey guys!

This week was great and I will probably forget to tell you all of the things that happened so hopefully I get them all. So first off on Tuesday we went to the Peter Whitmer Farm in Fayette, which is where the church was restored 186 years ago on April 6th and I got to be there on the fifth so that was really cool! We had trainings and just a bunch of activities with our zone and Palmyra South zone so it was really fun to be with the other missionaries!

So this week we did quite a bit of tracting and going around looking for service. We don't really have any service here in this area so hopefully we can get a little bit of it soon. The tracting has been going pretty good. We get a couple potentials on each street and hand out some Book of Mormons. We had some good lessons with a couple of less actives here in West Seneca and down in Hamburg. We had dinner with the Robison’s, who are a younger family here in the ward and they have four younger boys and that was a lot of fun.

We had a couple good lessons with our awesome family the Mashburns. They are set to get baptized on the 23rd if everything goes to plan!! So that will be awesome!!! They came to church today, they go to young women’s, scouts, and other church activities, and they are accepting everything we are teaching them. And the ward is doing a great job in fellowshipping them too.

We had a really cool lesson with a younger guy from Scotland! And yes he has a really cool accent. He's agnostic but we talked for a while and he's willing to try things out and he said if God answers his prayers and tells him that the Book of Mormon is true then the only reasonable thing he could think of to do is to join the Mormon church. We didn't even mention that he just said if it was true he would have to join. So hopefully he recognizes God’s answer to him.

Saturday night we had a variety show at the church and that was fantastic!! This ward has so much talent and it was so much fun. I will send a couple of videos. I wish I would have gotten more but they ranged from, napoleon dynamite dancing, lip singing frozen while riding a hover board Segway thing, piano, and everything between.

Then on Sunday we had really good meetings and everyone still seemed to be on a spiritual high from conference and our 10 year old investigator Austin bore his testimony in sacrament, we had good lessons, and the people are great so it was good!

Then we had dinner/lunch at the Alessi's which is a super cool
family. They have four daughters and only one is still at home and
she's super cool, he works for Thermo Fischer here and he goes to Logan sometimes for meetings, so we have that in common so it was just a lot of fun! I really like this ward and it actually reminds me a lot of Spring Creek ward. It's a bigger ward for out here, it's got tons of young families and kids, and some older, a bunch of youth, and a lot of the members moved out here to work for some company that shut down in Utah so they came here so there’s a lot of Utah families. Might end up being my favorite ward out here?

We'll see. Have a great week!

Love you!

Lake Erie and Buffalo

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