Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18th, 2016

Hey guys! This week was good as usual! We had a couple good lessons with our family with a baptismal date and kind of finished up everything we need to teach them and read from the Book of Mormon with them. They actually had their interview this Saturday and passed so they are all set for next Saturday to be baptized!! They are great and the ward has really accepted them.

We had a couple other lessons with random people so hopefully they lead somewhere and we will be able to meet with them again. We had dinner with the Robison’s twice this week and they are awesome! They are a young family and have four boys 11 and under so it's pretty fun to go over there. After dinner we went out to the driveway and played basketball and they just moved into this nice neighborhood so hopefully all of their neighbors saw us and will have questions or something. They at least all know that they are Mormon now. :)

We went to the town halls and we finally found something to do for service. So now we are going to go around a couple times a week and just start clean up the trash on streets so it's not the most effective service for missionary work but at least it's something. We also went to the Hamburg library and helped organizing books and we might start a weekly class thing helping people learn how to use computers, fill out job applications, etc... I guess it's something the library needs help with so we will see where it goes.  We did some tracting, looking for service and the other usual missionary activities. We taught a rapper this week and that was pretty cool. He's a young guy, who has a huge house, nice cars and everything, lives by himself and has a legit recording studio so we just walked into his studio because we say the light on and taught him and gave him a Book of Mormon.

We met some Muslims this week too and I'm still unsure how to really go about teaching them because you have to help them develop a belief in Christ before you start with everything else.

We also had dinner at the Linscom’s in Orchard Park and they have an awesome view! They lived on top of the tallest hill and you can see Lake Erie, Canada, Buffalo, and a bunch of other stuff from their house. He's the ward mission leader.

I think that's pretty much it. Have a great week!

Love you!

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